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Bought a Dell PC in 2012 and the hard drive is going bad. That was bad enough, but had to make 4 phone calls to Geek squad to get all the details of what I need to bring with me and pay in order to get a new hard-drive installed. Was told EACH phone call it costs $99 to move the data, and we buy the hard-drive we want and that is all we needed. (NO EXTRA LABOR) Showed up tonight at Arrowhead Mall BesyBuy in Phoenix, and rude woman won’t let me get a word in at all and says first of all “Do you have tech support because that is going to cost you $201.00 (don’t know why $201) plus hard drive, plus $99!..you have to buy tech-support if you expect us to install it!”

We kept trying to get her to explain what Tech support was for because I didn’t want any extra stuff, and she got all snotty: “Do you want to put it in yourself or what, because if we do it, tech support is going to cost you $201.00 just to start…!?” (Yes, that is why my husband is standing here holding the PC because we planned to put it ourselves in the middle of your store, ***!-I did not say that, just seemed obvious!)

I kept trying to explain again what we wanted and she just kept interrupting me and then finally said, “Well no wonder no one told you about the $201 because first you just wanted a hard-drive , now you want it installed, now you want the items moved over, how would anyone know what you wanted in order to tell you about the $201?”. So I said that NO, she didn’t know what I said on the phone because she wouldn’t stop talking long enough for me to tell her. That is when I mentioned that we brought the PC in so we could in fact have the hard-drive installed by them, like they told me to do, which is why I asked how much for each thing (the hard-drive and moving my files and labor) and NO ONE in three calls mentioned tech support or an additional $201!!!…

She got snotty again asking if I got any of the names from the three people I spoke to, and then answered immediately on my behalf : “No, no of course you didn’t. I mean that’s what I would have done but whatever!!!!”…So I told her she didn’t need to be a smart *** and we no longer planned to deal with them and would go somewhere else.

We had to have the manager paged and complained to the manager who claimed she was standing there and heard it all, and said did reprimand her as soon as we left. Really? The manager heard it all but we had to page her because she had no plans to stop us and apologize and help us out? Nice!!!! BTW the GEEK name is Melissa…

Go ANYWHERE but Best Buy!!! The Geek Squad is a joke and what corporate numb-nut decided to make all these employees answer the phone "AGENT XXX speaking!"....no wonder they are in such a bad mood!

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They really rip people off in those computer stores.. I am so glad I learned how to work on computers, and reload the hard drives with operating systems.. I do my friends computers for free...


Haha, wow that is a funny situation. I'm going to assume you are being completely honest, as I have no reason to believe otherwise.

I will be honest with you. Geek Squad as a whole can be hit or miss, depending on who is the DCI (Geek Squad supervisor), and of course the level of skill of the other leaders in the department. Geek Squad unfortunately does not have a centralized training program as far as gathering their employees before they hit the floor and start interacting with clients. Therefore, they learn from watching others in the position.

So if they were not taught correctly, the client (such as yourself) will suffer. Now what should have been explained to you over the phone is that without Tech Support (which is a Geek Squad service contract that covers anything software related that you need resolved with your computer, as well as minor installations such as hard drives, ram, power supplies, etc.) you may end up spending a lot more for the service than you anticipated. Yes, just doing a data back up from your old hard drive to the new one would cost $99.99 (discounted to $84.99 with Tech Support), but hard drive do not have Operating Systems pre-installed on them (they come blank). So to install the operating system on it that will cost $129.99.

Then the labor to actually install the hard drive is an additional $50.00. So for a one time service, you're going to spend $279.99. If you get Tech Support, (1-yr $199.99 **there is no tax on tech support so idk where she got $201**) plus the $84.99 for the data back up, that is all you will have to pay. She did a terrible job at explaining it, most likely she was not taught properly.

But for you to go all extreme and say BEST BUY AND GEEK SQUAD ARE TERRIBLE is overreacting a tad bit. Have you ever gone to a fast food place and they forget something or mess up your order completely? Does that mean the entire chain in inept? No.

It means you dealt with an individual, or a small group of individuals who are inept. Please don't display your ignorance for the whole world to see.

Use a little common sense, I feel people now a days seem to be lacking in this department. They are so dependent on everyone telling them what they need to know that they lack the capacity to discover things on their own.


@Some Guy

gotta just love SOME GUY!! who sounds just like A GEEK EMPLOYEE.

He may even manage them TRAIN them !!

IGNORANCE and COMMON sense!!! Get off pissedconsumer it is for PISSEDCONSUMERS!!


You are the one lacking common sense, you assume that someone works for a company if they disagree with a customer, from this I conclude that you are eight years old and mommy has no idea you are on this site. You get off this site, if you read the rules you must be 14 to post.

@Some Guy

Regarding "But for you to go all extreme and say BEST BUY AND GEEK SQUAD ARE TERRIBLE is overreacting a tad bit." I would agree if I had spoken to one person or had one encounter, however I spoke to three or more people at two different stores before I went in, so yes, as a whole BEST BUY AND GEEK SQUAD ARE TERRIBLE in my opinion. As in any company there can be some great people mixed in, but when the manager and their staff are rude, and you get 4 incorrect answers over the phone by two stores, then it's a trickle down affect of bad management. I stand by my statement.