Concord, New Hampshire

We bought 2 iMac desktops and a Macbook pro laptop with the works - Black tie protection, tech support, trend micro smart surfing, etc. along with a couple printers [laser and office] and a bunch of software and accessories.

We were there all day filling out forms and going to different registers because we can't ring this up here and we need to do this over there. If they were paying me the thousands I was paying them, it still wouldn't have been worth the tortuous experience. Shortly after buying them, we started getting text messages and emails saying we had won $1000.00 Best Buy gift certificates. It was identity thieves, instead.

Every time I called tech support, which involves serious waiting, no one there knew anything about Apple. They did offer to refund the tech support money when I complained but it was a package deal and so the refund was negligible. Today, my "trend micro smart surfing" stopped working and a window said it had expired but I still have 6 months left on my two year subscription. If I want to surrender control of my computer for a half hour or so, they would try and figure out why.

Fat chance. I called customer service, told them the story, and they connected me to "someone who can help you" - a recording that said to call back some other time. I wouldn't shop there if everything was free. The Apple computers are nice but do yourself a favor and buy them direct from Apple since you're going to need their support for any issues.

I watched the guy open the box the computer came in and turn it upside down so the inner box slid out and hit the floor from almost waist high. Ouch! The location of the store was convenient but nothing else was.

The store manager, "Scott", was arrogant and rude and overall the whole best buy experience was ***. We will never go back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Computers were a lot more manageable in the days of UNIX and DOS. These days about all I can say is, if you buy a computer you are basically building your house on shifting sand.

You are going to be spending money on new brands, new ideas and you'll be spending money on keeping them in good running order (with strange repair geeks) and keeping up with the latest operating systems.

Eventually you may find that you could be far happier spending your time reading some great classic books. I'm almost there now.


do yourself a favor and don't buy Apple products period. it's like buying gas for $10 a gallon just because the gas station is popular.


Well *** if the computer had dropped why didnt you ask them to get you another it was clearly dropped by the associate before you even got to use the darn thing!


Dear Ihatestupidcustomers,

That's hilarious (and true)!!!

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