Metamora, Michigan
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we took in my laptop for repair under warranty and the one we got back was not it and it had less memory and smaller hard drive

i went back to let them know and they did not have one for as much as i gave for mine

so they offered us another one and it was not the same price as the one we bought. the original cost $2400 and the replacement laptop was $999 i took it because i was leaving for a bluegrass festival the next morning.i lost about $1400 we bought all our appliances,television, computers,sound system at best buy in fort smith AR.

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This Guy

Your story doesn't make sense, if you brought your laptop in for repair, they should've given you your laptop back. To accept anything else is completely *** on your part.

If your laptop was beyond repair and they offered you a replacement, you shouldn't have just accepted being out of $1400. Either you're by far the stupidest customer ever or there are things missing from your story

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