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this was a simple return. A Roku $69.99 purchased 5 days before.

The card I used was cancelled by Wells Fargo due to fraudulent activity. I offered another card. Easy? The cashier was new and called for his manager.

Up came the succubus from *** Tonya. She began a speech involving all the things she was NOT going to do. I asked what she WAS going to do. "I gunna give you a gift certificate" That was it!

We got into a donnybrook which culminated with me being asked to leave the store. No refund, no merchandise. I gotta hand it to them that's a great way to increase margins! I guess I should have asked to see a manager but she WAS a manager.

When some people get a manager slot the ask "How can I help?" Not goodole Tonya she is the type of manager who thinks manager means dictator and her job is to alienate as many customers as possible.Success at last! I did check my computer and in the last 8 years I have spent $20,000+ in that store. GOOD JOB TONYA!!!

Solution is simple...... Crutchfield.

Product or Service Mentioned: Roku Premiere Streaming Media Player.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $70.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Best Buy Pros: I am an electronic nut and only went to that best buy, Sales people are good.

Best Buy Cons: Hate it.

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No one stole from you, and using the word "donnybrook" doesn't make you sound any smarter then the manager you're trying to make fun of and i PROMISE you they did not offer a gift certificate,they offered you a store credit possibly?The problem with you is you think someone HAS to do something,no one in a position of authority has to do anything im sure just based on your YOU are the reason you only got store credit.Less of you,more of everyone else!!


You may or may not have a valid complaint, but when you ruin your own legitimacy by saying they "stole" from you, no one cares. They clearly did not "steal" from you.

Maybe you are the one person in the "one of 100 million" whose dog actually did eat your homework (Bought something, card was "magically" compromised, then going back for cash afterwards....yeah, that's fishy,) but stores like Best Buy have lost so much money because of rigs like the one you are describing that it's really hard to be mad at them for being overly cautious.

Oh, and she DID offer you a gift certificate. It was your child-like behavior that stopped you from getting it.

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