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Sale man says we have a truck comeing in with 30 laptops the model we wanted so we wait for the truck to show up wasted another day with these scammers wanted to sell me a more expensive computer than what was man says....sorry these is all we have..............dont make a promised an the break it or lie.....went to offfice depot an was treated with respect Stay away from the best buy salesman promise's.............soon they will go out with comp usa to the un employnent line......I HOPE! See it advertised you can bet they only have 2 in stock....waste of time shop else where

Monetary Loss: $399.

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This Guy

You're right, Best Buy makes everything that is in their ads to sell in the store. There's no possible way that Sony could be blamed for a shortage of Sony products or that HP is somehow responsible for the lack of HP units available.


If you don't like Best Buy, don't shop there. I don't know why you fell the need to come online and cry about it.

Just stop going.

No need to act like a scorned wife who just found her husband cheating. Stop shopping there and get on with your life.

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