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I bought a 55 inch smart tv from best buy. Take it home turn it on an it's broken.

And try to return it and the manager tells me they can't accept it. They will let corporate make a decision. Corporate tells me it's up to the store. Someone is lying I don't care they sold me a broken tv and I never want any business with this store again!

I just got the complaint accepted by the BBB and have an article that stu will be writing in the Laguna beach independent paper about this. I believe this is highly illegal to sell a broken electronic and not issue a refund.

Don't buy your tv from best buy in irvine! Everyone is saying go to costco or Walmart.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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Best buy sold me a defective lg flat screen tv and it only lasted 13 months and they told me they can't give me a refund or anything I paid cash for the TV BBs employees suck and are incompetent they don't deserve to work

Purchased a CD player it broke in 6 months

Bought a vacuum and it's barley working

Bought a Xbox remote control opened the box and it was broken never used it

What the *** are the employees doing there you hire low life's and you get destroyed products


Same just happened to me!


A broken tv is a difficult situation - did it happen during transit to the store or did it happen in your car when you were bringing it home? The way to avoid this is to have it delivered by Best Buy, like Anonymous said.

In a lot of cases that the company runs into is that the tv was broken by the customer - laying them the wrong way in the car causes some to break. Our store went through a period of opening them before the customer purchased them if they did not want delivery.

Corporate has no say in what the store does, the store just says you can contact corporate in hope they will issue you a gift card to smooth things over. I do agree that their policies are very strict though and am glad I'm not there anymore.


That is bad advise. You have to proof that it was broken by Best Buy and not you when you carry it home.

That is why I alwys have them deliver the products in case it is broken I can see it then and not accept it.

Disputing it on your credit card could get you charged with stealing and could get you in a lot of trouble. The best thing is to pay the bill and go to small claims court if you have enough evidence to prove Best Buy broke it and not you.


The BBB isn't going to help you. They have no authority over Best Buy or any other business.

The only way to get your money back is to dispute the charge on your debit or credit card if you paid with one. If that doesn't work, take them to small claims court.

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