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Update by user Jan 24, 2015

OK. After trying to talk to someone higher up on the food chain.

I was met with a borderline rude individual. That is what pushed me to post here AND make a complaint to the BBB. The BBB lit a fire under their bottom. I was called shortly after by BB corporate with a offer of a $100 gift card.

BBB, thank you!

Sometimes it pays to be heard. And thank you Pissed Consumer!

Original review posted by user Jan 08, 2015

Hello. I ordered a plasma TV from Best Buy on December 27 2014.

The order was placed at Plasma TV'S are being phased out as of 2015. Time was of the essence if I wanted to get another plasma after mine was damaged. Order # BBY01-702xxxx33549 was placed.

This was for a 60" Samsung F8500 series plasma. Within a day I received conformation that the TV would arrive on Jan. 2 2015. On around the 30th I got a email that the delivery was moved to the 7th because the TV was being shipped to the Boston warehouse.

I was assured at that time that there was nothing to worry about when I called to have it tracked. All this time my family was without a TV. This last remaining 60" plasma was only available at BB on line. On the 5th I received a short email saying "order canceled".

This is no way to treat a customer. When calling to talk to a supervisor I was subject to 30 minute hold times. I feel like I was lead along, when I could have been shopping some place else to get what I wanted.

The last rep that I talked to wanted to offer me a $20 gift card after being borderline rude. I declined.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Gift Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Best Buy Pros: Competitive prices.

Best Buy Cons: Customer service, Not enough stock, Slow to assist.

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Those products come from Samsung directly. BBY places the order only if Samsung has inventory.

unfortunately, this is Samsung's issue, not BBY's. Since there are no comparable product to the high end plasma you ordered, you are now going to have to settle for an LED. Try the new Sony 4K! It has a better picture than that 3 year old Samsung you ordered anyway.

And don't respond by saying "plasma's are better". High end LED's have exceeded plasma performance for 2 years!

Panasonic Z series was the last great plasma made. Why do you think all major brands have jumped off the plasma bandwagon?


I was able to pick up a PN51F8500 from a Best Buy about a hour away. Just wish I had a 60", although my wife doesn't.

This is a fantastic TV.


Derek, thanks for your response. I do know 4K is the wave of the future, but to get something as good would have been out of my price range.

I was comfortable with the $1500 that the 60" would have cost. I would have had to spend much more. In the end I f was $1000 for the 51", and we'll worth it. The contrast on this TV is superior to the Z1.

Just goes to show how technology moves so quickly. I can sit back and be happy with this TV for the next few years as 4K and OLED get more refined and price drops.


I agree, “This is no way to treat a customer.” Obviously, the goal is to get them to agree, so don’t give up. Doing nothing should not be an option. Hence, the numerous complaints.

@***scientious ***sumer

Conscientious, not sure if you saw my update, but Best Buy corporate called me after the BBB brought forth my complaint. They are sending me a $100 gift card. It would have never went this far if the customer service guy wasn't so borderline rude.

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