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Told the tech at Geek Squad 3 times no I don't want to buy the 200.00 year coverage, I turn my back and the little creep sold it to my wife... They won't answer email and they simply ignore the complaint.

Then I proceeded to call and email corperate which they ignored the calls, and email and when I spoke to someone they gave a very ethnic "You aint getting it fo free ya know"....

Well seeing I did not want to begin with what the F*#k are you trying to tell me...

As the Geek Squad goes.. which Ghetto did they get the hoody boys from

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Wow.. that is super professional of them.

Love how everyone who doesn't look like a rotten banana, gets treated like *** these days.

Reverse racism is becoming a huge problem.

They should offer a refund. I would go into a local Best Buy and demand to speak with someone with at least a 7th grade education level.


This is between you and your wife as another poster said. Take it up with her, not geek squad.

They can't make decisions for anyone. All they do is offer a solution to a problem. It looks like your wife saw that and wanted to get y'all's computer fixed. Your wife sounds a lot smarter than you are.

You are an ignorant individual.

Good for your wife for being an adult. You're just a diva who likes to whine.


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lisha Naidoo

Fairfield, California, United States #735371

Sounds to me like your wife wears the pants and you don't like it so you :cry to random online strangers. I would sell your wife too; all night long.

Except I wouldn't wait until you are gone to do it. You can watch; but there's a $20 fee.

to stranger danger #735506

yeh dont listen to the troll from Fairfield California the troll only dos it to get a negative reaction

Orlando, Florida, United States #734731

Then when something happens to your device you'll be coming back wishing you had the plan in the first place. It can't be fixed for free. Sure you have manufacturing warranty which you would have to deal with on your own as far as shipping it, etc if something were to happen to your device.


It is your responsibility to control your wife and set boundaries. Do not blame others for you not telling your wife we are not buying a protection plan. are you a man or a pus***?

San Acacia, New Mexico, United States #728866

Is your wife an adult? If so then the guy did nothing wrong. This is between you and your wife.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #728718

Was your wife with you when he was trying to sell it to you? If not it's hard for me to understand how it's his fault.

If he knew she was with you then I understand, but what I wouldn't understand then is why she decided to say yes if she was with you when you said no.

This is where my confusion comes in.

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