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I purchased the iSimple ISIM71 iPod adapter for Honda/Acura vehicles in February. The iSimple has a problem with Honda/Acura vehicles where the unit fails to switch between satellite and terrestrial radio for a while, and remains frozen on the FM station it was set to when turned off.

I took the unit back within a week. The tech and I contacted iSimple and found that there was a firmware update in the works. We agreed that I would keep the unit until the firmware update arrived. The firmware update arrived via e-mail yesterday, June 8.

I called to make an appointment to have the firmware update done. The iSimple is difficult to access in an Acura, as there are interior panels which must be removed. (If it was easy to access, I would have done the installation myself). I was told that Best Buy would charge me $25 to do the update.

My explanation of the history, etc. did not persuade the installer to change his mind.

I could not persuade him that they should do it for free because I kept the unit on the promise that there was a firmware update coming. Next time, Al 'n Ed's.

Review about: Best Buy Installation.

Monetary Loss: $225.

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Denny Crane

I am trying to withdraw this review. I decided to visit in person and speak with a manager.

I explained the situation calmly and politely. They agreed to update the firmware. As I write this, the Geek Squad is having a problem with the unit, which will not accept the update.

The installer believes that Best Buy will opt to replace the unit. I have no complaint about the way they handled the situation.

Telluride, Colorado, United States #177622

Im gonna take a wild swing and say you have a TL in whitch case its about 20 screws to disassemble that radio. There was no problem with the work done just product failure.

You should go after peripheral for a credit. If it wouldve taken 5 min to do i doubt they would charge you either.

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