Salisbury, Maryland

November 29 2013.My husband and I came to the Best Buy on N Salisbury Blvd in Salisbury md to buy a camera and a phone,As we were looking at phone a employee named Tony Stanley approached us and asked if we needed help with anything .My husband told My Stanley that we were having a little trouble with our phone .Mr Stanley asked to take a look at it and maybe he can find the problem.The phone worked fine when we walked in and was told it would take 5 minutes but 45 minutes later we were told it is now locked up and no longer works .We asked for a manager .His name is Roland who was no help at all and didn't like the fact that My Stanley felt bad and took responsibility for what happened.Mr Roland told me he couldn't help me and then we asked for the General Manager who's name I am pretty sure is Brian Angel.Mr Angel was the rudest most ignorant Manager I have ever experience in my life.He did not want Mr Stanley to speak and take responsibility for what happened to my phone.All the General manager kept saying was take it up with Verizon eeven though it worked going into Best Buy and was Broken when left Best Buy.When I asked the General Manager why he was treating my husband like he was an *** he looked right at me and said your are making it worse as I wasn't allowed to speak.He then slammed his hand down on the counter and said have a nice day.Best Buy does not care about their customers because I have spent thousands and tv;s and xbox 360's and speakers .Never again and I guarantee Best Buy will not call me and ask about this situation as I called then and got cut off twice ,My number is 443 669 7420 if they are interested in their customers .

Monetary Loss: $300.

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another happy customers worst buy strikes again. Great employees hard at work fixing working phones!!


You said your phone was having trouble. But when it came back it was working find before?

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