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the worst service ever , I lost $128.00 down the drain because they wont answer one qustion for me

Original review posted by user Apr 11, 2017

I bought windows10 copy USB from Dearborn ,MI store , because my PC has crashed , when I tried to load it to my computer it did not work I think because they sold me the wrong version of windows ,i took my computer to the store and the supervisor at the Geeksquad by the name of Benjamin won't talk to me at all won't explain anything to me all I was asking is to exchange the copy I bought with the correct one or show me the first two steps and I will take the rest , but he kept saying that the package has been opened and there is nothing can be done , I paid $128.00 for that copy down the drain , I am trying to sell it now on CL for $50.00 and still without a computer and internet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Geek Squad Laptop Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Best Buy Pros: Geek squad.

Best Buy Cons: Aweful return policy, How i was treated by customer service and manager.

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I mean any version of Windows would load normal. Bout in safe mode would be a start but you seriously need to do some simple Google searching before you start anything like this.


First of all, If you paid $128 you probably overpaid at Best Buy. However, you leave out alot of pertinent info regarding what, if anything happened for you to want to install Windows 10.

You are probably doing something wrong trying to put Windows 10 onto your computer. Many, many questions about your machine, capacity, brand, 32 or 64 bit, etc. etc.

Go to YouTube and do a search for "How to Install Windows 10 from a USB Flash Drive" or similar and watch the videos of how to install Windows 10 from a USB drive. In other words, do some research first to see how to do this.


Here is nothing on the package that indicates 32 or 64 . I know I over paid because did not want to wai fo Amazon or Ebay .Office Depot my first choice did not have it .

This is the first item i buy from BB in 10 years of boycutting .my computet completly crashed and windows did not start at all . YT was only if windows started and YT did not explain how to save documents either .my PC did not give me the

Option to rebot from a flash drive .

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