10760 NW 17th St, Miami, FL 33172, USA
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To Best Buy at Doral 107 Ave. and 17the Street First of all I want to say I never in my life had such bad customer service, yesterday I was talking with them for about 3 hrs with Best Buy and still haven't received my refund.

I went to the store today 12/29/17 at Doral and if the customer service over the phone are bad, the Manager's at the store are even worse. I can't even begin to tell you the runaround I've had with these people. I've spent thousands of $$$ in BB and they still treat me like a garbage. They have a way to put things on the internet and I didn't know the Mario Kart was going to be downloaded by email, I was waiting for a week until finally I called and they did nothing, I went in person and Best Buy do not want to refund my money in a Mario Kart.

I told them I want it in a box Mario Kart and not downloaded. They still don't want to refund my money, and my granddaughter still without her cassette.. I went out of the store and was telling people not to buy on line because they were going to get a surprise and they called the police on me. I am a 78 years old grandmother that bough a Nintendo for Christmas for my granddaughter.

I received the Nintendo but not the Mario Kart. What can I do, I paid $380.00 dollars and my granddaughter have not been able to play with the Nintendo yet because I found out they send it download to my house and my granddaughter does not live here. I want my money back or a Mario Kart in a box on my hands or to send it by mail right away. Both Manager's at Doral Store called the police on a 78 year's old grandmother that was begging for Mario Kar in a box today 12/29/17 instead of downloading in email.

It was beautiful. Congratulations for calling the police on me. I wonder if they mother know the good deed they did today?????? I hope I don't get sick with the cool air today at Doral Parking Lot, wile I was waiting for my Mario Kar and one of the Manager's ask me for $20 dollars more.

I told him noooooo!!!! $380.00 was enough!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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I am still waiting for my money back returned at my card or the Mario Kart send by mail to my house the soon is possible.

This store is not like used to be more than 10 years ago.

They left my granddaughter without her game only for fifty nine dollars plus tax. This is incredible but is the truth


I am still waiting for Best Buy to send my grandaughter Mario Kasa. This is incredible, after called the police on me because I Paid for Mario Kasa on a disk NOT in download. My grandaughter wascrying for !!!


Send me the Mario Kart in the box the soon is possible and problem is solve NOT by email

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