Indianapolis, Indiana

I attended the Black Friday sale after Thanksgiving to purchase a $700 camera. Although I had the money in my checking account, the store declined my debit card.

I returned home and asked my father to purchase the camera with his credit card for which I would reimburse him, and he agreed. We made a second trip to purchase the camera. After I returned home, I accessed my checking account on line and was dismayed to see that the money for the camera for the transaction that I had been told was declined had been removed from my checking account. The tag line clearly showed the money had been withdrawn by BestBuy.

I returned to the store for the third time to try to find out why this had happened and how to correct it. Robbie, ID#489085, assured me that the money would be refunded to my account by Monday the 26th. Robbie left me for a short time saying he was checking for the transaction and said that their was none. On Monday I checked my account and was disappointed to see that the over $700 was still not in my account.

I went to my bank where I was told me that the transaction clearly had been initiated by BestBuy and that I needed to work with them to reverse it. I received a printout of the account and returned to the store for the fourth time with my mother. After waiting in line for about 10 minutes I spoke again with Robbie (#489085) who left us once again to come back and tell us again that there was no transaction. He now said that it might take several more business days to get our money back.

He could not tell us how many days it would take and said there was nothing he could do. At that point I asked for his name and he laughed. Additionally, he told me he was the operations manager and had never seen something like this happen. After perceiving that we were becoming very frustrated at not being given even a name of contact offered his employee ID number.

He referred us to your 1-888-BestBuy number and basically dismissed us as quickly as possible. He could not have seemed more disinterested in helping a customer who had just spent $700 in his store. Our family has spent alot of money at the Muncie store over the years but will not be returning to do business there in future. We are trying to get this problem resolved through your customer service number and will shortly be making our second call to do this.

The service we received in your store was very bad and an employee who identifies himself as your operations manager should have a good grasp of how to resolve errors made by your store on behalf of your customers. He could not have seemed more disinterested and there is no excuse for that.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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I just had the same problem. I tried to buy a 300$ item.

And it was declined but all of my money was taken from the account. I talk to the people in store and on the phone but nothing they say it should be back with in 3 days if its not there I'm calling the better business buro


Forget their customer service and call the police as a theft had been committed. Then submit the police complaint number to your bank.

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