10153 King George Highway, Surrey, Greater Vancouver, BC V3T0A3
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It has happened twice with me that theor salespeople would lie to the customer just to sell the product at the moment. The first time I told the salesperson to help me buy a cheap laptop that can last me for 2 years and can still perform all basic functions of a regular laptop as I have never had a laptop before.

He sold me a chromebook saying you can do any normal functions on it. The moment I went home I noticed ut did not even work as a normal laptop, it did nit have internal storage or windows. I returned the laptop after 2 days. This time the salesperson lied to me about the warranty.

He told me this warranty will help me get an instant product replacement if I face any issues with the product in coming 2 years. My acer laptop kept hanging so i wemt to the store in Central cuty mall, surrey today and guess what they td me your warranty does not allow replacement, only allows hardware damage coverage. That too if i want it done pay 60 dollars on the spot and leave yoir laptop for 2 weeks. Just wow is what I would say to the amount of lies they have fed me.

And they take next to none responsibility for it. They are like we don't know about it, tell us the name of the sales person as if I still remember it.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Best Buy Cons: Dishonest staff, Worst first laptop buying experience.

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