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i went to best buy on 12/30 I bought a wireless adapter.The top wouldn't come off so I took it back on 1/1/09 to see if they could either open it or exchange it for one that would open and worked. The geek sqad at the store couldn't open it so they told me to go to customer service and exchange it.

Customer service said they couldn't exchange it because it was missing a sticker with serial number. I didn't take it off it just wasn't there.

I explained that I never got that far because I couldn't open it and neither could they but they refused to exchange it and told me to contact manufacturer which I did. Manufacturer told me that it was 2 days old and the serial number was on the box and that the store should exchange it -so I weent back and they still refused so now I'm stuck with a crappy product because they won't honor their policies

Monetary Loss: $45.

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