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Two years ago I took my Gateway desktop back to Best Buy for the third time for repairs. The computer simply would not boot.

I am an IT major in college so I tried all of the tricks that I could conjure up. Never really crossed my mind to just check the motherboard. I dropped it off and came back after they called me FOUR DAYS later. I went in and the *** behind the counter said I had a blown capacitor on my motherboard.

I glanced at the board, saw it and became pissed. I had to pay them $70 dollars to test and find out what was wrong and it took them FOUR days to glance the *** thing. NEVER go to the Geek Squad. Find a friend or even a friend of a friend.

I will say, on the upside, the first two times the PC was under warranty, and they replaced parts in a timely and FREE manner. But, that is a Gateway warranty.

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Just bought a brand new $1100.00 computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers - I had a printer so didn't buy that. So the very nice Geek Squad man comes out, transfers data from my old computer (he said motherboard was fried)but hard drive was good.

Not until he left, did I notice that he had not hooked up the printer. I still like this particular guy, but can't understand what I thought was just an oversight. Have called him and texted him innumerable times without comment. Called the store and spoke to an older gent who said they cannot "assume" I want my printer set up unless I specifically ask them to do so.

Is this nuts or what? I asked him that shouldn't the installer at least ASK if I wanted it hooked up since when he arrived, I had a printer that was hooked up and working. I am going to try and do it myself, but this computer is so different than my last one, I wanted an expert to do it.

My point is that it would appear that to get my printer set up by one of their experts, I have to pay some yearly or six-month fee for Geek Squad coverage. Sounds like a scam to me.


I hate Best Buy, and started a facebook group by the same name! Everyone should join as they are by far the worst company around!

GO to facebook and search I hate Best Buy.

The slogan will be Best Buy? Like *** it is!


I used geek squad once before. They are no good.

Anyone recommending them hasnt had personal experience or read the many reviews about their services

Ive used a service that was way better, I found them by googling for online computer repair. has technicians that are qualified moreso than best buy ever is or will be.

They do *** good work also! I would look around, check our secure remote support before you take your machine anywhere else.


Don't shoot the messenger. At least you didn't have to wait the traditional 10-14 days it normally takes for this kind of diagnosis.

Maybe they guy who was using your computer when it failed should be responsible for the repairs, huh? :roll


Why exactly are you pissed when the guy told you it had a blown capacitor? And why call the Geek Squad guy names just because something was wrong with your computer.

Would you have been pissed if you had dropped off your computer and they looked at and repaired otehr computers that were dropped off after yours? Yes, you would have been. So you can't be mad that they didn't put yours in front of other people who dropped theirs off before you.

4 days is not that long considering how long it usually takes them.

Guess you should have bought the service plan, then you wouldn't be in this situation.


So, you were upset because there were computers in *** in front of you? I work at Geek Squad and it generally takes 7-14 days from the time the customer drops off their unit to the time we finish the diag and have an answer for them.

Get in line or learn how to do this yourself. Hint: it's not very hard, especially since you're an "IT Major."


Geek Squad is WAY over priced. $200 to fix a computer or $300 to fix it at your home.

Many of their repair people are fresh out of school. Go with a local repair guy and you'll save a bundle.

Are you sure that it was a MB problem? Until you swap parts you never really know if the MB is the problem.

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