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I took my newly purchased computer to the Geek Squad located in the Best Buy, Parker, Colorado store, where I purchased the computer, to have my Word files transferred from my old computer to my new one. The Geek Squad representative promised to have the data transfer completed with my computer ready for pick-up the same day.

the following day, my computer was ready for pick-up after I had made several phone calls to them inquiring about the status of their work. I drove the eighteen mile distance (one way) and picked up my serviced computer. Upon arrival home, I hooked up the computer and discovered that my Word files had not been transferred as ordered and paid for, but instead many more files (some highly sensitive) belonging to someone else had been transferred to my computer! The store's service manager (the third person I spoke to about the problem over the phone) indicated that they would remove the files and transfer mine as ordered if I would return to the store.

I requested they send someone to home to take care of the problem and was told that they couldn't do that because "mobile" and "in-store" Geek Squad operations are separate from each other. I disconnected my computer and hauled it back to their Parker, Colorado location where they remedied the problem and refunded the money I paid for their service, but in the end renegged on a $20 Best Buy gift card they had offered me in addition to the refund. I was told that if I wanted the gift card, I would have to take it up with the store's General Manager who wasn't in at that time. I explained that I was concerned that my Word files (some sensitive) may have been transferred to someone else's computer just as someone else's was transferrd to mine!

The Service Manager told me that there was no way that that could have happened. Really, just after you transferred someone else's to my computer? I'm very unhappy about the incident and plan to take my concern to Best Buy corporate. In the past year I've spent a lot of money in the Best Buy, Parker, Colorado store, but I'll never return there for anything!

The 'in-store" Geek Squad service there obviously isn't sufficiently supervised or over-seen. To treat personal files with reckless abandon is unforgivable! My only hope is that someone else doesn't have my personal information as a result of their carelessness. I very much believe that at minimum, a couple employees should lose their jobs over this...the employee who screwed up the data transfer and the supervisor at the time the data transfer service was performed.

No quality check was in place! I recommend to anyone who reads this to not seek services from the Geek Squad in Parker, Colorado, or perhaps anywhere!!

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Hey there...I'm working on a story regarding new age ways to complain to companies to get some resolution. Would you be willing to chat with me Friday about your experience at Best Buy in Parker?

I can be reached at 303.832.0614 or


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I wouldn't trust the Geek Squad to change a battery In my AM radio. Learn to back up and transfer your data your self.

It's easy and cheap nowadays. Buy an Inexpensive USB flash drive or external USB hard drive or even a CD or DVDRW. No one needs the Geek Squad.

Why support those Evil Incompetent Morons...If you want something done right, do It yourself. Best Buy & Geek Squad will do themselves In, just like Circuit City & CompUsa.......Next!!!.


hay be nice! Not everyone can fix a computer.

As far as geek-squad goes.. yeah iv seen higher quality work at the mcdonalds. Geek-squad is 100% PURE evil! and as soon as best buy goes under (just like compusa and circutcity) i'll be happy!

As far as computer work goes.. "go see the local guy" he is going to do a good job because he is trying to get established (in most cases) geek-squad couldn't do a good job even if you paid them!