San Francisco, California

The Geek Squad is a rip off. They take advantage of anyone with a question.

They treat their customers like prey instead of appricating their business. They tried to tell me I made a laptop crash after having it less than 24 hrs. I was sold a laptop as new that wasn't because the battery was in the laptop when I got it home, after second time it was turned on,it would not boot up.

Tried to charge me a restocking fee and 30.00 diagnostic fee. Best Buy and Geek Squad are off my list of business.

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The battery would be in the laptop if it was a Toshiba or a certain Dell model. I call *** because if the laptop was defective they would replace it. There is more to the story, such as damge orsomething.


I work for Best Buy. I cannot speak for your store, but it's simply not true in our store.

Our Geek Squad guys actually like fixing computers and receive no commission/incentive to prey on customers. First-hand, most of our customers are uninformed, or worse, they think they're informed. A diagnostic does not lie. It simply tells what the issue/status is.

If you took home a computer in the box and bring it back 24 hours later and the hard drive is shot, who can really say who's fault it is. If it was open-box, a diagnostic is run before it's put back onto the floor and 90% of the time, open-box computers of any type are sent to the manufacturer, not re-sold. It's also important what you were trying to do on the a game, online game, watch a movie, install software...? Very possible the hard drive was defective, but not likely if they tested it.

The battery was probably in the laptop due to them running "Optimization" or a "Standard Security and Performance". Is there an orange sticker on the side of the box from Geek Squad?

That would tell you if they opened it or if it was an open-box. More info please.

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