Keystone Heights, Florida

Children are growing up to fast as it is. Getting smarter & out growing us quick enough.

Why would you take the one thing that,has kids still being kids. I have six & can not explain why the lady has toys before santa. STOP SCREWING CHIRSTMAS jack*#%. What a million dollars not enough?

Ya'll have to play cheap tricks. If so wait untill april fools day it is more suitable to your bull$#*% ! In short find a better way to sell your cheap over priced $^*#. I understand money is very tight.

To steal a thing so loved by kids. Me & mine will not be stepping foot inside a best buy again. We are all truckers with VERY big mouths.

That will be moving coast to coast. I would pay double just so ya'll don't get a penny.

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I need to come clean everyone. I am a worthless POS Best Buy employee and I'm in meetings to address my addiction of peeling one off while watching elderly women (and sometimes men) shop via our in-store security cameras.

My sponsor says I should come clean. Sorry I'm such a loser...


I do not want my grandchildren to see these commercials. I know there is no such thing as Santa, but they still believe. To me it is just another way to show how rude and heartless the public has become.


dont need your white trash money go to Walmart


You are a trucker with a foul mouth.


You do realize Santa Clause doesn't exist right? Go put your football helmet on and hop back on the short bus.

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