Chesapeake, Virginia
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I am really pissed about the way that Best Buy is promoting the ban on Santa Claus!! We already live in a world where our children are seeing too much violence on tv and all around them.

Children are no longer able to be kids!! And now they are giving kids the idea that Santa is useless! What the heck?? A kid should not be seeing this on tv, it is making it look okay to be mean.

Whoever thought of these should be fired.

The commercials stink and I for one will never buy anything from that store again.

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Pitiful marketing stratigy.


You trolls are ridiculous. *** on Best Buy's teet all you want, I completely agree that the Ad's are in poor taste and was looking for a place to voice my complaint.

It looks like you *** are just looking to attack people who have complaints on a website built to handle complaints... Really..

get a life. I'd love to type more but I have better things to do, besides you'll all mindlessly attack this post as you did the original.


Just because Santa isn't physically real, Doesn't mean the spirit of him isn't. The groups that help people all year round, alot of them even use Santa as a way to raise money.

Kids for years have enjoyed the idea of Santa Claus, why does anyone want to the ruin the fantasy and enjoyment of it?

With the way the world is, with the economy, all the bad things happening why attack one of the symbols of hope. That's why I find the commericals offensive, and they kind of lack creative, attacking Santa Claus really, they couldn't come with a more family friendly gimic, with the tons of money they blow on commericals.


BestBuy doesn't care if you don't come in there anymore. You never bought anything anyway and are a burden to society.


Good teachings to your children to be total ignorant retards like you thumbs up! Kids shouldn't be brain washed to think hes actually real when he's a made up character. Good job lying to your children again Thumbs up mommy


I guess you aren't a parent. Or maybe you are the *** because last time I checked children watch the tv also!!! And thats my choice if I want to buy from them or not and I choose not too!


You do realize that Santa is not real right? Please don't breed because the world can't afford to support anymore ***


You will never buy from them because you do not like one of their commercials? I guess we are teaching our kids that brains are useless too!