I took my computer to Geeksquad at Bestbuy thinking that they could fix the virus that I got into the machine and "frozen" all my files.

Well, the "smart geeks" said they could fix with no problem and would install a anti-virus better than Norton. I believed because I thought they were professional. How silly I was!!!!

They charged me 380.00 for installing the anti-virus and one CD with some of my files. nevertheless to say when I got home the computer never worked. I took back 4 times, and they told me they couldn't do anything, especially returning my money back. I fell robbed!!!

After so much aggravation I went to Walmart and got a new computer. because I complained so much, today, I am sure they are very happy for losing a customer! No more Geeksquad... You guys should go to a computer school first!!!!

Monetary Loss: $380.

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Steffen, what he probably had was a rogue antivirus, they make the computer SEEM frozen and deny access to all files. In this respect, I don't blame him for going to a professional. And yes, we all know about backups, but not all of us remember to do it in a timely manner. The issue was not that he had a virus, but that GeekSquad did not fix it properly.

I have worked for GeekSquad, and I will tell you truly that very few of the people there can fix a computer the way it should be fixed. They have powerful diagnostic tools, but if the problem expands beyond what the little magic thumbdrive can fix, they wipe the harddrive. I know this from experience, and from having people who have spoken to GeekSquad turn around and come to me for repairs instead.

Geeksquad is also pressured by it's management and Best Buy to sell the customer anything they can. I stopped working there on that aspect alone. It is not the individual agents fault, they are just trying to keep their jobs. I will admit, however, that many of them need to be trained in patience and politeness, as I have seen people who were irritated (and rightly so) over a job get treated very badly.

Overall, find a local shop, or even better, make friends with a real geek. They'll be more than happy to help you, and for much less.


Wait you got a virus that "froze" your files" ??? Could you give me the name of the virus? I have been working at a System Admin for the last 10 years and I have have yet to hear of a virus that "freezes" files.

Now you went out and tossed yer money in the streeet for a new PC? UMMMMM I have some ocean front property in Kansas to sell you real cheap.

Ever hear of of formatting and re-installing? OH wait your "frozen all so important files" ever hear of backups?? Ever hear of burning your *** to a CD or a DVD?

So before you complain your ignorant self about other people learn a few things.

I have never had a virus on any PC I have ever owned. I have never lost files or data when re-installing. Since you have shows me an ignorant person wiht waaaaaaay too much money.


My friend also have a bad experience with Bestbuy. Good thing I buy my stuff at newegg.


Bestbuy is *** they don't even hire anyone after holding the biggest job fair.The one near me is very rude I am so disappointed with them I thought they had good service they are ***.

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