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I am appalled by Best Buy's service. Bought an ASUS computer mid-2014 from Tyler TX Best Buy. Keyboard problems within one month. They did replace the computer, but about 8 months later had the same problem with the new computer. They sent it off for repair. I had...
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Kudo's to the staff at the Tyler, TX best buy. They did right by me and gave me a credit towards the purchase of a new computer equal to the amount it was going to cost to fix the old one.

Can't say the same about Best Buy Corporate Customer Service, or ASUS...both useless. If you have problems at Best Buy, give the managers a chance to correct it.

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Asus Laptop
  • Do not stand behind products
  • Lost time and money
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Bad quality
  • Defective Asus is a joke! Worst service I've ever experienced! | Best Buy review from Tyler, Texas

I ordered a stove/range Dec 8. Delivery was set for Dec 30th which was much longer than other places, but I let it slide, figuring they'd been backed up due to the holidays. On the date it was supposed to arrive it did not come. I had taken off work for the two hour time slot when it was supposed to arrive. I called the service number and was issued a sarcastic apology and the delivery date was rescheduled. This happened FOUR more times over the next month and a half. Four more times of apologizes via phone after long wait times and being put on hold and transferred all around. One time I spent over 90 minutes on the phone looking for answers. Keep in mind I would call each time the day before the scheduled delivery date (and spend more time on hold and being transferred) and was assured each and every time that the delivery was coming. It was rescheduled a total of 5 times! The last time I called I was finally told that they did not have the stove I had ordered. They had never had it. So why was it listed online, why was I able to order it, and why had no one over the course of the past two and a half months told me that???? I still couldn't get a clear answer on what had happened, who was responsible, or what was being done to correct this. I was then told, after getting rather upset with them, that they had started an investigation and that I would hear from them either by phone or email in the next week and that they would give me a different/better stove at the same price. I never heard from them. Finally, I had to go into the store and cancel the order. But the order is still on my credit card-- three months later. It is taking more calls and more holding on the phone to get it taken off. We finally ordered from sears, got a better deal, and it was here in three days flat. We had initially ordered all our appliances from them because of the 0% apr on their credit card, but after all the time spent, money wasted on eating out because we didn't have a stove, and overall headache of the entire thing we wished we'd just went ahead and gotten elsewhere from the beginning. It has been an utterly ridiculous situation and no one has even attempted to make it right. I would NEVER recommend them to ANYONE. It has been the absolute WORST experience I have ever had with any retailer.
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BestBuy vs Santa Clause | Best Buy review from Tyler, Texas

To the marketing idiots at Best Buy: Your current commercials pitting Best Buy against Santa Clause are offensive and in poor taste. What effect do you think watching these commercials will have on small children? I hope your children don't watch them!!! Because of these commercials, I have taken the following steps: 1. Best Buy commercials are no longer watched in our house. When one comes on, the channel is immediately switched. 2. I am supporting any and all efforts being mobilized to boycott Best Buy. 3. Today I am returning all Christmas presents I purchased from Best Buy (almost a thousand dollars worth). 4. I pledge not to shop at Best Buy again. Disgusted Neil
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Of course best buy is better than santa, it's actually real.

John N

I finally got to see the commercial. It is really ***. It does not change my opinion of BestBuy as I stopped going there a couple of years ago when it dawned on me they no longer have cheap prices or anything resembling customer service.


Overreaction maybe? Hope your kids arent bummed xmas morning cuz you couldnt set aside your vendetta to boycott a retail store


Santa *Clause*? Maybe you should shop for Hooked on Phonics instead...

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Best Buy Rips Consumer off With Warranty

Best Buy claims to sell great 2 year Extended warranty for Any accidental damage. Well a year rolls by and a simple cord got damaged. Consumer calls Abilene, TX Best Buy up explains situation. Geek Squad rep. says sure it was covered come on in. Consumer explains he bought 2 year extended warranty and that the rep said it was covered and to come in. Same Geek Squad rep. starts explaining that they can not honor the warranty. Also says that 2 year warranty has expired after 1 year. Come now. I work in a Law Office. The cord was fixed by me. But it had to be fixed because Best Buy would not honor a warranty that was sold to me. Regardless, I was about to buy a top line I7 core Laptop from Best Buy. Thank God they will never see another penny from me and they owe me for the gas that their rep ripped me off for going there. This is the second time Best Buy has faulted on something with me. I will be happy never doing business with them again.
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I agree with Simon, if your not gonna read the bloody Terms and Conditions maybe your not smart enough to own a laptop


I'm sure that someone who works in a law office was smart enough to read all the paperwork before signing and paying for this warranty, right?

You they don't owe you a penny for gas either.

To be totally fair, their employees are under tremendous pressure to sell the extended warranties, even if it means flat out lying to the customers. However, that doesn't excuse you from not reading the paperwork.

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Service Plan is a rip off | Best Buy review from Tyler, Texas

October 2006 I purchased a HP desk top computer with the in home service plan in Tyler Texas. Now the computer won't turn on so in early March I called 888 BestBuy. I was on hold for several hours and finally called back the next day. Customer service said that I was out of the area for local repair and would be serviced by some company that they contract with. Took my info and said someone would contact me in a few days. 13 days later I had not received a call from anyone so I started calling 888 bestbuy. Stayed on hold from 10:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. one day and finally hung up. Called back the next day and finally reached someone. He said someone from the contracted company will call me to set up a time for the repair. He also said that the parts that were ordered had not arrived. Finally a repairman contacted me and is supposed to repair my computer this week. We'll see, I'm not holding my breath. Through all of this, both my husband and I called the store repeatedly and got absolutely no where. They were rude and informed me that the contracted company got the money and would do the repair and that I have no recourse except going through them. Of course, they refused to provide me with the name or a telephone number for this company, saying that I have to go through 888 bestbuy. OR- I could take it to the store and they would send it off and of course charge me for the repair. This is the 4th computer that we purchased from Best Buy, in addition to two high dollar cameras and various other pieces of rather expensive office equipment. I will NEVER purchase anything from BestBuy and I strongly advise everyone to avoid any and all BestBuy stores.
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why don't you go back to the store where you bought it? its obviously easier to deal with.... duh?


That's true. They think that because they are big it doesn't matter if make a few customers angry.

All I have to say is Enron.!!!! :p


Wow I agree totally, I haven't shopped at Best Buy in three years because of a misrepsented service agreement. They have missed out on a lot, while one person doesn't hurt them I make sure that I tell everyone I know so hopefully more people are shopping the many other options that we all have besides kick me in the face and call me *** best buy

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