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Online sales/support agent confirm unlocked phone deal but it was false and had mental torture finally | Best Buy review from Plano, Texas

I purchased UNLOCKED and no contract IPhone 4s on 12/24/14 after 2-3 times confirmation from online sales/support agent on site and she/he confirmed that it is an Unlocked phone having no carrier association to it and I confirmed with second agent as well and that i did 3 times confirmation from same agent after first one. finally I purchased online the phone and picked up from store on 12/26/14. The Store person was looking strangely and could not find the phone on pick up rack so she told me to go to mobile dept but since there were already a big line/*** there i asked her if she can help me as its just order pick up. She came with me and spoke to mobile guy there but seems again some confusion amongst themselves but finally one guy got up and took iPhone 4s and gave to her which she later on passed on to me. However after opening it i found its having Sprint microsim in it and my T mobile was not accepted. So i called BB they said its Sprint through which I can unlock. So i spoke to Sprint guys as usual they are the worst provider on earth in terms of service and customer service. They said contact apple when I spoke to apple they redirected back to sprint. Now that 3rd level of person i spoke after 2 hrs and finally he said he raised a ticket to unlock the phone as it is having clean IMEI and not stolen (Mind you I purchased on line brand new iPhone). After all this I called next day to check when i will get email/procedure to unlock Sprint support said it was never a case and they never raised any ticket neither that is policy and we had big arguement. I provided hime number of agent who's Id i asked earlier but he said the person is specialist but no policy and no ticket raised to unlock. So they asked me to call Best buy. After 2 attempt finally BB customer manager i could get hold of and was again saying he cant do anything since its locked by carrier (OMG) its like mental torture and having high Blood pressure I could hardly control on it. Finally he offered me $50 gift card as consolation by saying its mistake of their agent what a ***! my wife suggest to give up and dont bother and return the phone. SO i went to store to return.. Customer service said they cant take that phone and asked me to go to mobile dept so I did. I waited for 45 min in line waiting to RETURN my iphone which i purchased online and picked up in store. Man I tell you. I was running out of water from mouth with all this exerience. After that mobile guy called me and he could not understand what is the issue. He took me back to customer service and then to checkout seems some confusion amogst them itself. God knows what best buy is upto or running their business. Finally he asked me to follow as FINAL step and sent me to Pick up dept asked me to wait and at last said he doesnt have unlocked phone so i need to come back. I said i want to return my phone and want my money back. Then he said ok go to pick up dept and get refund. So again that lady on the pick up counter could not revert my transaction as she could not find the bar codes or so. She went back to the same mobile guy and asked me to wait. finally she came back and did something and then produced return receipt and said my money will be deposited back to my card. I was like thank god finally I got my own money after spending almost total of 1 full day of efforts continously (Personal calls, Personal phone usage, internet usage, gas, waiting time , explaining case to almost 20-30 support/sales/agent/store/checkout persons) . I decided not to buy anything from such a *** store! Hope you guys may not get such a experience. Anyways last worst experience of the year 2014!!! Hope new 2015 will bring good time !!
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FRAUD!! My husband and I paid for a Panasonic Viera model #TC-P50ST60, a $1000 television, bought at the Best Buy at Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody/Atlanta GA. When the television died (within the warranty period) and we contacted Panasonic for repairs, we found out it...
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You should write a letter, yes a letter, to the customer service manager at Best Buy and demand an explanation and investigation. There are checks and balances for inventory and if someone did a switch on purpose or made a simple mistake it should be easily found.

Dealing with entry level customer service people won't get you anywhere as they are just not given any authority. I would also send a letter to Panasonic because whether you received a 3-D tv or not it shouldn't break down so soon. Trust me, contacting companies and giving them the opportunity to fix errors works. Here is my experience with Samsung: March 2012, I purchased a flat screen, high def tv for around $700 and it came with a one year warranty.

Fourteen months later, June 2013, while I was watching the Today show the thing went off and never turned back on. I called Samsung's customer service. They told me I was out of warranty and after trying to trouble shoot with me they recommended an authorized Samsung repair. I was annoyed, but I called.

The woman told me that based on what I said had happened the repair would be between $300-400 and since I paid only $700 to begin with it probably wouldn't be worth it. She gave me an inside customer service department email for Samsung. It is for customers who have gone through the regular process and got nowhere. I did that.

In my letter I detailed my problem and told them the loyal Samsung customer I had been by listing the Samsung electronics I had purchased throughout the years and would not be able to ever purchase another Samsung product if I didn't have faith in their products. Granted, I was two months out of a warranty but a TV shouldn't break in fourteen months. They agreed and extended my warranty. I called back the service company, gave her the new code, she sent a repair agent out within two days.

They had to replace the entire guts of the tv. I am now a loyal Samsung client and just bought a new tv for my bedroom.

Take the time and escalate your issues. It does pay off.

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Best Buy Clerk Refused to Help

I purchased a Roku player at Best Buy some time ago, but during a move the power cord was lost. I went into a store to get some information about replacing the power cord. Here is my exchange with the store clerk: Me: Do you still carry the Roku player? Best Buy (BB): Yes, they're in the 3rd aisle over there. Me: Well, I need to replace the power cord for it. Can you tell me if you carry the cord, or if you don't, the specification of one so I can try to find one? BB: We don't carry them. We can't open the box to see what it looks like. Me: I just need to know the voltage, specifications in order to try to find another one, can you help me get that information? BB: Like I told you, we cannot open the box to get that information. Me: Do you think you could maybe look something up to get me some information that could help me? BB: No. We don't carry them and cannot open the box. Me: Let me get this straight. You're refusing to do anything to help me. You won't even look at the box, or look something up in your system that might be of assistance, or ask anyone who might know something? BB: We can't open the box, and that's that. She would not move or even try to help. This then continued: Me: Can I speak to your manager? BB: Why? Me: I cannot believe you won't do anything to help me. I'm not asking you to open the box, just trying to find a part. Where is the manager? She then pointed out the manager to me. Me, speaking to Manager: I just wanted to let you know that your clerk is refusing to help me. I just wanted to find out how to get a replacement part and she will not even try to help me. Manager: Oh, that's too bad. That was it. He wouldn't do anything. As I was walking away, I glanced back, and he was just went about his business, never once trying to find out what happened .
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So you couldn't figure out by reading the box? If it's not listed on the box how did you expect the employee to know?

Considering you have to be at least internet literate to use a Roku I find it amusing you didn't go to the website to find out the information.

Instead you went to someone the is highly unlikely to know the information, and have no access to provide information other then what you have at home.


Roku sells the cords so why not just buy them their instead of giving a clerk a hard time.


Why not just go to the Roku website to find the information you need? Why should Best Buy be changing your Huggies when you're perfectly capable of doing it yourself?


agreed. complaner, you cant look at the box yourself and read the specifications on it?

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Best Buy Manager

Best Buy is not to be trusted for online ordering

On Cyber Monday, I ordered the Toshiba Satellite Lap top which was to be shipped on December 13; my best buy card was charged immediately; on the 13 I got an e-mail saying the item was on backorder and the only thing best buy could do was to cancel the order; therefore, I did cancel the order on the 13 and as of today my account has not been credited for the $300.00, I have been getting the run around since the 13th, and no one seems to want to help me. I tried to explain I am trying to purchase a lap top for MOM for Christmas and the credit is tied up for an item I don't have. Best Buy's customer service is horrible.
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I need to come clean. I am a worthless best buy employee who likes to peel one off while watching grandmas shop via our security cameras. Sorry I'm such a POS guys - my sponsor told me to tell the truth...


**Maybe you should go pray because apparently you need God in your life.


@Urmom - Who are you? Why are you so rude?

It is none of your business why somebody is buying a $300 laptop with all thier credit. It is their own personal choice. If you feel you have the right to dictate what people should buy, have kids.

You can do it them. May you should go prayer because apparently you need God in your life.


Nobody cares who your item is gifted to. And nobody cares that Christmas is special to you.

All refund policies are listed on their site. You did not read them.

If $300 is your entire credit line; then you should NOT be buying a laptop.

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Best Buy Customer Service unacceptable

I purchased a Nikon S9100 camera from the Woodland, CA store for a trip to Europe. While on the trip, I had problems with the camera not starting up correctly. I had to remove the battery and re-boot it to get it to operate during the trip. After returning from the trip, I took the camera back to Best Buy to get a replacement. I really like the features of the camera. I was told that they could not replace the item, and they offered to sell me an extended warranty. I am now sending the camera back to Nikon for repairs. I bought the camera from Best Buy, because they offered a competitive price. However, I now realize that their service policies are non-competitive with other vendors. I know that Costco would have replaced the camera with no questions. When I brought this to the attention of the service person she simply said, "I know". What Best Buy needs to understand is that they just lost a good customer for life. I have purchased several tech products from them over the years. I am remodeling my home and plan to spend money on appliances and new flat screens. Costco or another vendor with competitive service policies will get my business from this point forward. Best Buy will not.
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In my case I did buy t he extended warranty and they tried to fix the camera 3 times and now I have been waiting 3 weeks to see if they can replace the camera or what and I still haven't heard anything. I have followed all the procedures listed to determine the camera is a lemon.

I owned the brand new camera for 2 weeks and they have had it over 4 months pretending to be fixing it. I have missed numerous picture taking occasions that can never be it is Halloween and still no camera. Tomorrow I will go buy a camera from a reputable company and never step foot in a best buy again. The camera was$250.00 and the service plan was $50.00.

So. All in all a 300 dollar lesson that best buy does not stand behind their product or their service plan. Just this week I took a computer to apple...

They fixed the problem and serviced the battery that wasn't even covered by my service plan a $131 part for free all because they wanted me to be a happy returning customer. No wonder their stock goes up and best buy goes broke


I agree with Simon. Perhaps if you would read the policy thats posted in their stores...on the back of your receipt you know what can be done or not done. Best Buy would have repaired it under the mfg's warranty but I bet you didn't read about that either.


Why did this come to a surprise to you? You certainly read store's return policies before you buy a high priced item there, right?

You sound like a frequent returner who gets upset when a store refuses a return.

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