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Best Buy - Manager Review from Houston, Texas

I used to love shopping the best buy in Santa Fe, NM until years of experience walked out the door when the new GM took over and let them all go due to his inexperience and insecurities' who ever chose him as GM made a huge error in the store for months on end is poorly stocked with empty shelves in the video section looking like ghettomart! The GM is also not a nice person to begin with. This forces those of us living in Santa Fe having to travel over fifty miles to Albuquerque to much nicer store's to get what's needed which is a travesty. The best buy corporation managers need to get a grip on the facts of what's going on here. My money is going elsewhere as my friends feel the same way and believe me I'm a life long resident with a heck of alot friends and acquaintances I have had discussion's regarding your sinking ship of a store which we all agree on.
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order what you need online. lots of great companies that deliver right to your door and no SALES pitches over inflated prices!! I love ordering on line

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Best Buy Manager

Dishonesty from Best buy

I ordered the Iphone 6 for my wife the 2nd day that you could pre order. My thinking was that since it took so long for me to get my iphone 5 when I was the first person in line on the first day to preorder and it still took 3 weeks to get my phone that it would be the same this time. I was eligible for renewal Oct. 5th. So I was quite surprised when the day before they went on sale I received an email stating that my phone was in and I could pick it up the next day. I called the next day and explained I was not eligible until Oct 5th but the person on the other line told me I was eligible for a new phone. I asked if they were sure because if I went up there and I wasn't eligible I was going to be very upset. The following day I received a voicemail saying they were mistaken and I was not eligible for the update just yet. I was however eligible for the AT&T Next upgrade. This is what I think they really wanted to sell me and why they lied to me. The following day I called the store and was told they could not help me over the phone. So I went up there and waited for well over an hour while they tried to work things out to no avail. Jonathan, the manager on duty at the time wrote down on a piece of paper that they would hold the phone for me until Oct. 5th. So today (Oct.4th) I called Jonathan and he said the manager, Nick Johnson had said more would come in and he went ahead and sold the phone. I accused them of not caring and lying to a long time customer and Jonathan was just silent. Then all he could say is talk to the manager who would be in tomorrow morning. No apology or anything. All this could of been avoided if Best Buy had said from the get go that they could not hold the phone for me. But then again, as I am starting to learn honesty is not Best Buy's policy.
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Best Buy Manager
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Went to Best Buy 10777 North Fwy 77037

I went to Best Buy Geeksquad Center 2 weeks ago for my Ipad repair and they told me to come back 5 days later so, here I am waiting for my Ipad to be given to me and i talked to me and his name is Joe Sanchez the manager and i talked to 2 different workers and still the manager talked to me in a rudely tone and I didn't like they also gave and told me to buy an Ipad that was not mine that costed $500 to $600 ;to pay the insurance 2 times that I have went to the store
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Instead of blowing money on gadgets, use that cash to buy yourself several volumes of Hooked on Phonics.

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Best Buy Manager

Best Buy in Houston, Texas - Promotional product not available at retailer

Purchased mattress set with promotional free Samsung 40" LCD HD tv at Best Buy free! Model stipulated by Rooms To Go LN40C500 not on display at Best Buy and not in inventory at any Best Buy stores. Store clerk advised model c500 not available and was replaced by LN40C530, which they carried at a HIGHER PRICE! They would not, or could not substitute and advised me to go back to Rooms To Go, which I did. Manager of Rms To Go had no authority and would not help. I purchased more expensive model and advised salesman, Keith Davis of my displeasure at how things were handled. Salesman will discuss with Mgr and have him call me. Have not heard back as yet! I need satisfaction and reimbursement of $75.
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We bought a living room set from R2G and got the Best Buy TV offer with the deal. We ended up receiving a $600 Best Buy gift card, valid 5 days after delivery (which the salesman told us and is plainly stated in the paperwork).

We were able to use the gift card AS A GIFT CARD!! In other words, we got $600 credit toward the purchase of a really nice LG 3D LED HDTV, not the Samsung that was offered.

Why y'all are having so much trouble is beyond me. As a matter of fact, I'm probably going to outfit another room with R2G furniture just to get the $600 gift card, and apply it toward the purchase of a new computer.

This G

You're ***


Rooms To Go is the sponsor of the offer, so you're barking up the wrong tree to get this resolved.

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Best Buy Manager

Best Buy in Houston, Texas - BestBuy sold my product to someone else.

I purchased a washer and dryer on Cyper Monday for my son's family as a Christmas present. It was a limited quantity item and one that when it sold out, that was it. I was able to purchase a set, and paid for it on my ccd. I opted not to have it delivered in the next few days, but to have it delivered on the 23rd as a suprised. On the 21, I got a call that it would be delivered between 10-12 (hang up). Ok, so the next minute I get a call that it is out of stock and can be delivered the 29th. I called and made a complaint, I was offered free delivery. I asked if a manager would call me back, and was told yes. You guessed it, no call. Not even a call to the recipent telling them they had rec'd a washer and dryer and it would be delivered later. Thanks Best Buy, you screwed what would have been a great Christmas present up with your greed. If you didn't have my set of appliances you wouldn't have slotted my delivery. Someone pulled the set I purchased off the schedule to fullfill someone elses order. I am posting this every place I can. I also tried to post this on a stores review site, but it hasn't shown up. Why am I not suprised? I plan on making myself known to you!
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If ya gonna *** about a corporation such as Best Buy. At least spell *** right. A little grammar goes along way ho


Best Buy is the last place I would ever purchase anything, I learned several years ago and have not bought anything from them since. FYI, Poindexter is a closet ***, and does not know how to come out and vents through the internet. How sad!


*** Simon


She bought a Christmas Gift. It was promised to arrive before Christmas.

She got no Christmas gift. She posted on a Complaints board.

Of course, everyone else can see that, so I'm just wasting my time trying to teach an *** that he's an ***.


Yep, you got me. I work at Best Buy.

Excellent detective work. Not agreeing with a consumer is clear cut evidence of my employment. Check out my comments on Wal-Mart and Target as well. I work there too.

Commiting fraud?

Yep, arrest those *** men! LOL, you are too funny. Since we are guessing occupations, I'm guessing you're a stand up comedian that really sucks at their job. Die in a fire?

Because of a post?

LMAO!!!! You're sooo funny!


Wow, both immediate comments are rude *** who apparently work at Best Buy. Doesn't matter if it was about material items, Simon, you *** handler. It's about CUSTOMER SERVICE and delivering AS PROMISED. A big corporation like Best Buy has to follow the rules too, it's not just the consumer's responsibility to get screwed and like it.

Free shipping to make up for screwing up a delivery and essentially committing fraud by selling an item they didn't have? You're a ***, and you should die in a fire.

Poindexter: You're a little turd who likes to talk *** over the internet. You don't have the balls to ever face up to someone IRL like that I bet, you ***.

guess what you *** eaters? this is a complaint board, and that's a valid complaint. Tell your bosses at Best Buy that pay you $10/hour to stop having you spam forums, you *** worthless maggots.


Get over it already. I'm sorry your Christmas is ruined without your material items. Even with you explaining to the person what you bought, I bet since they can't actually see it Christmas is ruined forever. Boo hoo.

They made a mistake. They offered you free shipping to make up for it. I bet the manager didn't call you back because he doesn't want to listen to you whine and cry about your ruined Christmas.

It really isn't as big of a deal as you're making it.

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Best Buy Manager

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