Best Buy deals in bad faith

I purchased a "new" HP laptop as a present which was "serviced" by Geek Squad before purchase. When we opened the box there were hand written CDs and no factory disks in the box. This was quite conserning and made me think this was a used or returned item. After having the laptop less than a week, we noticed a small crack in the corner of the screen. My daughter returned to the store where he manager was rude an accused her of causing the damage. I called later and he refused to speak to me. I called the general manager who was "too busy" to speak to me and never returned my call. The online customer service states that it is up to the store to decided if it should be replaced.
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Had a similiar experience with a tv. Managers must be trained to be rude and not take anything back. Best Buy is a scam.


Just so you know, computers no longer come with "factory disks", thus the pre-made restore cds created by the Geek Squad.

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False Advertisement | Best Buy review from Houston, Texas

Went online to check to see if they had a Sony Walkman Radio in stock at their Best Buy near me. says available at such and such store near me...get all the way there, and the woman says "oh no, we don't have any of those, that would be too hard to find" [insert eye roll]. Do not advertise that it is available instore when it isn't. You wasted my time just to get me into the store to possibly buy a lesser brand Walkman so I would at least walk out with
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rational t

Why do people not think to just call the store and say hey put one on hold for me. This is always so hilarious to see people come into a store not realizing that consumers shop at the same time they get online and drive in their car.

Stores do not carry an infinite amount of stock.

Sorry. The time it took this guy to write this review he could have reserved this item at 20 different locations.


uh, like dude, they are totally selling stuff all the time. so like man, they so totally could have sold the last one right before you got there. like for real, man.

ok with sarcasm off now, really? think about what you are saying. do you really think this is a big scam or could it be that as they sell merchandise that they sometimes run out of things?

how fast do you think they update a web site.

"uh-oh, Bill. We just sold the last one! hurry update that website so it doesn't say in stock or it will be false advertising!! Hurry!"

but complaint above.


After I checked the website it is indeed what they have for sale an old unit 4 inches thick But what really bothered me that the item on display and advertised for 1599.00 at my local store wasn't the same, they figure by the time you get it you won't return it. I had to get mine shipped home since they didn't have in stock only from their warehouse.

When I received I was for a total shock. The Sony I picked at the store was a state of the art make.

believe beatiful thin LCD instead a got a gray thick plastic pre year 2000 look alike model. Needless to say I will be returning this ASAP.

Meldon R

Yeah, calling the store first would be kind of a no brainer. What if somebody bought the available one on your drive to the store?

If I only had $1 for every time somebody cried "False Advertising!!"


Hmm, I'm just curious if that small brain in your head ever wondered "should I call the store first to make sure that in fact the inventory is correct?" It would be absolutely impossible for a website to constantly update with an inventory system, without it being the direct online inventory. Also, when any site says that it is available that means that the store CARRIES the item.

Next time, instead of blaming someone for your own ignorance and stupidity, call next time. It will save you a headache!

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Pre-order of game 4 months in advance | Best Buy review from Houston, Texas

how are you going to pre-order a game months in advance and it does not show up on the day it is to come out? When i could of just waited for the the day it came out and picked it up myself! This is unbelievable and the most *** thing ever, I could have just walked up to the store and picked it up on the day it came out but since i pre-ordered i have to wait a week for it to arrive, this is unacceptable!!! And this *** at the customer service desk, well you really can't get mad at them because they are mindless drones following procedure. *** ***.....
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you guys should get a job and stop playing video games and move out of your mothers basement


File a BBB complaint against them. That's exactly what I did.

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