Best Buy screws the consumer again

Today 1/28/12 I attempted to exchange a gift I received for Christmas on 12/25/11 at the Rapid City, SD store. I dropped off the product when I arrived at the store in the customer service desk stating that I want to return it for exchange but did not know what I wanted yet and needed to look around. They said okay. I returned to the service desk and started working with a gentleman until he stated that the return date had expired and he needed to talk to the manager about it. When the manager arrived she briefly stated that the date had expired and she could not accept the return. I stated that I lived 154 miles away and that I do not get to any town that has a Bestbuy every month to return such things and she again said "sorry". She obviously does not care about the customer or understand retail sales. I had planned to use that return as partial to purchase a new Iphone, accessories, and a couple of other twenty dollar items. Not only did you all lose my purchases today but will never see me purchase anything from you all again. Also I will be spreading the details of my experience to all of my contacts along with every place on the internet that I can think of. I will also be writing to our local newspaper so everyone can see how you treat customers that do not live in the towns where you have stores.
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People who comment on these complaints are so rude. These complaints are to inform people of their bad experiences with companies and people are swearing at them and calling them names just because they shared their bad experience.

Best Buy has quit a few complaints. Obviously this customer was not the only one that had bad customer service.



Do you have comments on everything? Most of your comments are rude.

Get a life and a job. It may keep you off boards like this.


hahaha wow, you're A *** ***. why should you be treated better than everyone just because you want to return something that was bought a while ago?

you do realize that Christmas was well over a month ago right? if you live over 100 miles away then that's your own fault for driving so far for something as lame and *** as an iPhone. you should have called ahead to see if they could do anything. good thing you'd never go back because if I worked at Best Buy, I wouldn't want to see an *** like you with the mind of a 10 year old.

and you're gonna write in the local newspaper about it..? I hope people tell you how *** you are.


The store needs to show discretion. If the product is unopened and still state of the art there should be nop problem with a store credit.

Yes Mr ManinBlack many stores allow returns after 30 days for store credits.

The policy is there to prevent theft by employees and customers. There should be a policy that is flexible.


Best buy allowed consumers to return items upto 30 days after it was purchased and during the xmas period they allowed from black friday till jan 25th to return You have had the product over 30 days it might as well be second hand now. Would you buy something that had been in someone else's home for over a month? I sure as *** wouldn't.


Jesus, if you can't return an item in 2 weeks, then just keep it.


the policy is there for a reason, if they make an exception for you, they need to make an exception for everyone to be fair. BestBuy doesn't need a customer like you.


Actually Best Buy said on TV they are giving consumers 45 days to return items but I found that is from the date of purchase. I'm sitting on a $500 mistake my husband made and he normally doesn't buy anything until Christmas Eve.

Too bad for Best Buy, we're good customers and have purchaseding all kitchen appliances and electronics for the last 20 years and we have rentals as well. No more business with them/.


so you admit to waiting over a month to return it and you blame the store for your laziness? no stores in this country will let you return an item after 30 days.

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