My wife bought a Moto Cell Phone plus 3 accessories a month ago at Best Buy in Dallas Texas. She was not impressed with the accessories & brought them back to the atote for return with the receipt. Ahw was denied a reund. She was told that thw item is no longer sold...
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That's harsh. QUOTE : " loyal customers for many years " ...

they don't break the rules for you once and now you'll never return ?

The customer is not always right but they are always the customer , even when they make a poor choice of purchase and are dissatisfied. But there are rules and limitations on full exchange - you must realize that the product cannot be resold as "new", causing actual loss to the company when the return was a matter of whim or buyer's regret.

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Best Buy NOT

Bets Buy advertise they do layaways, well I tried it and won't ever go to this particular store again. I went to store 202 in Plano TX (they were the only one listed in our area) to put a LCD big screen on layaway. I had an associate get the item information and took it to the customer service counter. The associate said she could take care of it. An hour later I was still standing there and no progress. At this point she asked another associate for help. The other associate acted like she knew what she was doing but didn't. 45 minutes later I was still there and no apparent progress so I asked for a manager. When the manager arrived I explained what we were trying to do and that I'd been standing there an hour and forty-five minutes, he said "oh" and walked off. I had them cancel the transaction which was only as far as charging my debit card for the down. When i had time I checked the bank to ensure the transaction was canceled only to find it had not been and they had charged my account twice. Don't ever go to that store, the employees don't know what they're doing and the managers don't seem to care.
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Regarding the lawaway at Best Buy, I can understand why you were frustrated! Terrible experience! I think they have a customer service line to complain to - just to make this actually DOES get taken care of!!! (It definately shouldn't have happened.)

@ Simon - The person may have wanted to put the item on layaway in order to take advantage of a sale. It's still paid in cash and is NOT an indicator of someone's ability to pay for something.

And, as mentioned, it is a great tool to hide Christmas presents!!

Retailers don't care how you pay for it - just that their stock actually gets purchased.


How about just save up the cash before you buy it? If you don't have the money or credit to purchase something then maybe you can't afford it.

Maybe you should have chosen a profession that has better retirement benefits instead of "oh poor me".


Rude comments should not be allowed. Being retired Army I understand since retirement pay isn't the greatest so layaways become a budget tool.

What you advocate is using a credit card and paying 12, 15 or 18% interest but layaways are 60-90 day free, no interest. I've used one to keep my wife from finding her Christmas present and picked it up the day before.


Oh, a marine uses layaway? Well then I'm all turned around on the subject.

What the *** does someone's former occupation have to do with anything?

Should I break down in tears because he's a marine? Oh boo f'ing hoo.


Opinion noted, I'll let the retired Marine next door know what your opinion of him is since he uses layaways regularly.


2.5 million? Yeah that's less than 1% of the population. The rest have their *** together and can use a debit or credit card.


I guess there's about 2.5 million Americans that according to you are trailer trash.


Layaway is for trailer trash anyway.

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Best Buy poor customer service

In November 2005 I purchased a 50" LG plasma TV from Best Buy in Dover, DE. (#842). In May 2008 while watching the TV there were three very loud "bangs" and the unit shut down. I called the warranty service and the TV was repaired ( cost of $ 700.00). On 12-27-09 while watching the TV there was a very loud "bang" and the unit again shut down. I called the warranty service and was advised that the extended warranty expired 10-31-09. I was very upset as I had not been afforded the opportunity to renew the warranty for this TV. I explained the situation to the warranty rep, stating the TV had blown up twice within a year and a half and I was not afforded a renewal on the extended warranty. Nothing they could do. The afternoon of 12-27 I went to the Dover DE store and requested to speak to the store manager. I was advised that the assistant manager was there. I asked to speak to him but he refused to come out and speak to me. He sent messages out to me via a store associate. I was told that there was nothing that could be done at the store level and that I would have to contact the corporate office. On Monday 12-28-09 I called the corporate office and after being transferred to the wrong department four times I finally spoke to a gentleman by the name of Tim. Tim advised me that there was nothing that Corporate could do and it would have to be handled at the store level (here comes the runaround). I then called the Dover DE store and spoke to the manager his name is Glenn Stitsworth. I explained everything to Mr. Stitsworth and he asked me exactly what I wanted from him. I explained the story to him and that I have been a loyal customer to Best Buy for many years and have spent many thousands of dollars with the company. Mr. Stitsworth advised me that company loyalty means nothing. Considerations of this nature are not based on loyalty of the amount of money one spends with Best Buy. He did however say that he would see what he could do and he would get back with me. He again asked why I thought Best Buy should help me with matter and I again explained that I paid $ 4000.00 for this television and it had blown up 2 times in a year and one half. I feel that this unit is defective and should be repaired at no expense to me. I also explained that I feel I was not afforded the renewal warranty due to a "payout" being made on this unit. He assured me that that was not the case. It has bee over 10 days and I have not heard from Mr. Stitsworth. I believe Best Buy should stand behind this unit. The overall cost to Best Buy would be in insignificant on the overall scope of things and would go to great lengths in restoring confidence in the company.
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Does someone HAVE your TV, or is it just looking pretty sitting on your wall? Also, is it the same part that was replaced (that you didn't pay $700 for) two years ago? Did that repair have any warranty? What you describe sounds pretty unusual for a plasma TV. Have you checked the Internet for bullitens or recalls by the manufacturer?

Because, honestly, I don't see that Best Buy's going to do anything for you at this point. They don't own the warranty, and from what I've been told get nothing on a renewal. I got no call on my TV, refrigerator, dishwasher, range, or other electronics. I don't expect to get one, either. About the only hope you have left, is that the manager might be able to give you a discount on a new one.

The only good part if this, is that you will be able to purchase a 50" plasma with better technology for a lot less than you paid for yours 4 years ago. I've seen them for as low as $700.

Good luck.


Thank you for reading my post. Perhaps I need to clarify a couple of things in my description of events. I was not charged $ 700.00. I stated that I called the Warranty/Service dept and the TV was repaired. It cost $700.00 for the parts and labor which the warranty/service plan covered. ( as I stated further in my post as a "Warranty payout being made".Historicaly, it has been my experience with most all of my extended warrantys/service agreements that as they reach their experation date I am contacted via mail or phone, if not both, inquiring if I wish to extend them.

I believe I am clear as far as the dates are concerned. Unit was purchased in Nov. 2005. First problem was in May 2008, covered under ext warranty/service plan. Second problem with unit 12-27-09. That would equal 1 year and 7 months. The unti failed twice in less time than it took for the original failure.

Perhaps I am not as articulate as many but you have the full story. I am not pulling any fast ones here. And as of this writing I STILL do not have any response from the store. Perhaps I am asking too much.


First of all, explain to me why you were charged $700 for service in May 2008. Secondly, did you bother to read the terms of your agreement?

The time frame of how and when things happens to anything you connect to wall current not withstanding, you had four years to figure out when was a good time to renew a service agreement (not an extended warranty)

Aside from that, you compound the confusion by stating "the TV had blown up twice within a year and a half", when by your own admission it was well over two years before you experienced your first problem...and then PAID FOR IT? Was there some service performed outside the warranty terms?

Something tells me that, once again, we are not getting the whole story here.

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