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I purchased a Nikon S9100 camera from the Woodland, CA store for a trip to Europe. While on the trip, I had problems with the camera not starting up correctly. I had to remove the battery and re-boot it to get it to operate during the trip. After returning from the trip, I took the camera back to Best Buy to get a replacement. I really like the features of the camera. I was told that they could not replace the item, and they offered to sell me an extended warranty. I am now sending the camera back to Nikon for repairs. I bought the camera from Best Buy, because they offered a competitive price. However, I now realize that their service policies are non-competitive with other vendors. I know that Costco would have replaced the camera with no questions. When I brought this to the attention of the service person she simply said, "I know". What Best Buy needs to understand is that they just lost a good customer for life. I have purchased several tech products from them over the years. I am remodeling my home and plan to spend money on appliances and new flat screens. Costco or another vendor with competitive service policies will get my business from this point forward. Best Buy will not.
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In my case I did buy t he extended warranty and they tried to fix the camera 3 times and now I have been waiting 3 weeks to see if they can replace the camera or what and I still haven't heard anything. I have followed all the procedures listed to determine the camera is a lemon.

I owned the brand new camera for 2 weeks and they have had it over 4 months pretending to be fixing it. I have missed numerous picture taking occasions that can never be it is Halloween and still no camera. Tomorrow I will go buy a camera from a reputable company and never step foot in a best buy again. The camera was$250.00 and the service plan was $50.00.

So. All in all a 300 dollar lesson that best buy does not stand behind their product or their service plan. Just this week I took a computer to apple...

They fixed the problem and serviced the battery that wasn't even covered by my service plan a $131 part for free all because they wanted me to be a happy returning customer. No wonder their stock goes up and best buy goes broke


I agree with Simon. Perhaps if you would read the policy thats posted in their stores...on the back of your receipt you know what can be done or not done. Best Buy would have repaired it under the mfg's warranty but I bet you didn't read about that either.


Why did this come to a surprise to you? You certainly read store's return policies before you buy a high priced item there, right?

You sound like a frequent returner who gets upset when a store refuses a return.

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