If you're thinking about purchasing with Best Buy's online shopping, don't! I recently placed an online order only to receive a message that there was a glitch in their system. Well this "glitch" caused my credit card and my gift card to be charged while no order was...
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I also have a $1000 ghost order that has been taken from my checking account without any authorization. I have to wait 3-5 days to get my money back.

I don't know how they can get away with this. I think they are stealing and the police should be involved.

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Try to return a purchase over $500 and see what happens. | Best Buy in Houston, Texas

I recently made an unsatisfactory purchase from Best Buy and returned the item. Talk about class action stupidity. First, Best Buy won't give you an immediate refund for purchases over $500. They will only mail you a check, or offer you a gift card. The check would take weeks to arrive, as if I have enough cash flow for that. What's worse, the *** that input my information into the system put in all my information incorrectly, EVEN THOUGH I HANDED HER MY DRIVER'S LICENSE. I MEAN, HOLY COW, SHE GOT THE STATE WRONG! This required that I contact "customer service" and have them change the information so my check will mail to the right place. This took no less than FIVE (5) phone calls to get all my information entered correctly and my refund check to be delivered to the right place, you know, where I live. After all this, I was told I would receive a gift card for putting up with their inadequacy. That gift card has yet to arrive, so I call these worthless tool bags up, spend 20 minutes on hold, when finally someone answers. But whoever answered did not say anything into the phone. I could just hear some lady mumbling to herself in the background, and typing on her computer. I said hello, a few times, and then the lady hung up! I mean WOW. I have never experience such inadequacy. I will never make another purchase at Best Buy. In fact, I'll be selling this gift card I am supposed to get.
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worst buy strikes again! Try to make a return on day 15 see what happens!

try to make a return on defective merchandise guess what they do! Yes love the gift card promises (getting you off the phone is all that is)


For obvious reasons, Best Buy does not keep large amounts of cash in the store. If you don't like it, stop buying and returning things.

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