10346 E US Hwy 36, Avon, IN 46123, USA
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I initially called Best Buy to purchase a remote starter for my truck, ‘06 Dodge Ram, and have it installed at the Avon,in location. When I called they stated I could go that day and get it installed, no wait.

I drove to Best Buy, next town over from me, and spoke with an associate in that area that stated I couldn’t get in until tomorrow and pulled up the remote starter online to check pricing. I wasn’t thrilled but scheduled it for the next business day. I left my truck there as I was going on vacation the next day and would be easier for me since not in same town. The next day I get a call late in the morning that they sold the wrong unit to me, sold me an alarm system and not a remote start.

Luckily they hadn’t installed it yet but now they could get it installed until a few days later. I drove back to Best Buy not happy at all since it couldn’t get done and I was busy trying to get ready to catch a flight to FL. I never took possession of item as they kept it since I left my truck. Exchanged it for the remote starter, which also has lock/unlock which I didn’t know about and didn’t need, and scheduled to have it done while I was gone in Florida.

The manager took some money off my bill supposedly as I am not sure that he really did cause I still owed money after the exchange and still was sold something that i didn’t entirely need, just needed remote start..I get my truck back and the truck only turns on half of the time when I am within 100ft if truck. A few days after having it the security light was coming on in the truck signaling something with the alarm system was messed up. The next thing I know I’m sitting at work, 45 minutes away, and go to unlock the truck and alarm goes off and will not stop even after starting and driving truck. I had to have it towed to Best Buy, I pay for AAA luckily.

It took me about 4 hours to get home that day. Best Buy said their was an issue with some modular on the truck but alarm wasn’t going off anymore after they reset system. The manager on duty offered to pay for my tow if I had a receipt and would need to show it to someone else in the store, I didn’t bother since I don’t have a receipt since I pay annually for AAA. It took about 30 minutes of me waiting in the store to just get my keys as that’s all that happened..the alarm didn’t go off when I left but the security light was on...sure enough the same night I go to start the truck and it goes off continually again...I disconnected battery and then disconnected power cable from remote system to battery terminal..waited a few minutes and it was fixed after an hour or so...as of today it is not going off luckily.

In the end I paid for more than I wanted-just a remote start, spent at least 10hours of my time on this, do not feel valued as a client, and not 100% sure issue is fixed. I was going to have Best Buy put in an indash CD player in my truck but not sure I trust or want to pay for this service again

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Security System Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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