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Let me preface the following issue by saying that unfortunately I had to purchase a PC at 8:45pm or I never would have went to Best Buy. I have had nothing but poor service and quit shopping there years ago.I purchased a PC from Best Buy on April 16th 2018.

I plugged it in and followed the prompts. Windows did not seem to load correctly because every time I restarted it would come up with an error. I tried several different avenues to fix the problem. I had my IT guy work on it as well. He though we should purchase Windows 10 Pro , so I did and loaded it on the PC. This fixed an issue connecting to our server but not the fact that “windows did not load properly”kept appearing at a restart. I had over 20 hours invested in fixing the problem as well as my IT guy’s time. If I did not restart it would function properly(which is not really proper at all). On April 25th I went on vacation. I returned on Saturday May 5th from Hawaii. I came in to work this morning with the screen locked up so ,of course, I restarted it and ,of course, the PC came up with the same error.

At this point I felt I had wasted enough time on this PC so I gathered it up to return it. At the store I was told the return period ended the 29th of April. I explained I was out of town(it is painfully obvious from my dark brown skin that I had been away). They said “ we can have geek squad look at it or give you a store credit” . I just want to return it- I offered to produce my plane tickets as proof of my trip but unfortunately they could care less. This is typical that “they got me” on a technicality and would only give me a store credit. I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN AND WOULD NEVER NEED AN $800.00 store credit.

Hopefully Amazon puts them out of business because service like that will certainly be there undoing.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Just format the damn hard-drive and install Windows 10 Professional from scratch. Also make sure the system drivers are not the Microsoft "Generic" drivers, rather make sure you download them from the hardware manufactures website.Simply "upgrading" from Windows 10 Home, to Windows 10 Pro is not a good practice. Plus formatting the hard drive gives you the added benefit of removing all the Software "trial offers" and other bloat-ware that comes installed on the machine.


Sorry their policy did account for your vacation. Rather foolish posting this.


Why is it that people like you always want a pass on return policies? You missed the window to return it and that’s it.

Best Buy gave you two options they didnt have to. Take responsibility for YOUR ACTIONS!! You can run a business, manage a trip to Hawaii yet can’t figure out how time works? Stop trying to play the victim because you victimized yourself.

You should have returned it within the time allowed. You did not. PLEASE tell us what you are using to justify your argument? BB didn’t plan your trip so WHY should they have to be punished for YOUR CHOICE?

BB didn’t sell you a bad computer, your issue is with Microsoft and their product. Not BB fault. You attempted to load a earlier version of windows on a newer device which caused a issue. Best Buy didn’t do that you did.

It looks like YOU and the choices YOU MADE are the real issue and actually has nothing to do with Best Buy other then they are standing by their return policy. Being told NO doesn’t make them a bad business.

If YOU cannot read the receipt in your hand to inform yourself then ALL of this is REALLY ON YOU!!! Grow up and accept that this is on YOU then move on.


Windows 10 came pre loaded and did not work correctly after reloading it 3 times. Out of ideas my IT guy said to get Windows Pro(let’s not forget the fact that the Best Buy rep was fully aware I was purchasing a replacement for a PC at work.) You would think he may ask if I was connecting to a server and let me know this one could not with Windows 10 for home) If I owned a business(oh that’s right I do) that’s not the service I would give.

Amazon will put them out of business or Microcenter certainly will. Count the days...


And if the Same problem happens at Microcenter, what will you do?


I guess you should have returned the machine very soon after encountering the problems. BB has a return policy and they were just following it.

I bought many computers from BB over the years but stopped after encountering unreliable service not to mention the irritating noise blared from their speakers whilst attempting to concentrate on shopping. I now buy direct from the manufacturer, usually HP online.

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