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On Feb 18th 2018, my husband and i went to the Best Buy store in Muskegon Mi and picked out a new set of appliances for our home. We gave the salesman the measurements of our current appliances, he ordered the fridge, stove, dishwasher, and hood we picked out.

First our order was delayed twice because they had an open box hood in store so the warehouse would not ship a new one. We were assured the open box one was only returned because it was the wrong color, and it was certified by the GeekSquad. We took that one (and only got a $15 discount) in order to get the rest of the appliances. Next, we get an email that the dishwasher we picked out is now on backorder because we took so long to finalize our order (not our fault because of the hood), so we have to pick out a different one.

We had an installation scheduled finally for March 25th, and a few days beforehand we attempted to install the hood. We shut the power off in the kitchen, took the old one down, and unwrapped the new one. The entire corner is smashed and dented, and will not fit. So the GeekSquad "certified" rangehood got dropped at some point and they never took it out of the box.

We took it back to the store, and first they argued about returning it because we had waited so long. When we explained why we had waited so long to bring it back, then the problem became if we returned the hood it would delay our delivery and install of all the other appliances. The manager would not come to the desk to speak to us, we had to keep the broken hood until after the install, then return and reorder it. Fast forward to the 25th: our new appliances FINALLY arrive, the guys did a great job installing everything, the fridge and stove look beautiful, they slide the fridge back and it doesn't fit!

The salesman ordered the wrong size fridge, the delivery guys tell us to call the store, and they leave. Our old appliances have already been hauled out to the garage, and we have a brand new stove and fridge that we can't use. We have to go into the store to order the correct size fridge, only to be told the manufactuer doesnt make the fridge we want in the size we need. Our options were to return the appliances, pick out a different color, or hire someone to cut down our custom-made cabinets to make the fridge fit.

I was in tears at this point, and told the salesman to just return it all. He convinced us to "upgrade" to the stainless steel (which i did not want) and they managed to get a delivery date for the following weekend. When my husband and I priced it out online the stainless set showed $300 less than the white set we had originally paid for. Two days later and we still had not heard from Best Buy, we called them three times and had to speak to two different salespeople to be told that the stainless was actually a lot more money, and we should be thankful that they could pricematch it down to the original price we paid.

We could not get ahold of a manager at all, and we ended up just taking the stainless set the following weekend. The delivery guys scratched my floor, dented the doorway into the kitchen, and put a good sized dent in the freezer door. They never said a word about the dent until after the installation was completed and signed for, then they told us they ordered a new one, but it would be another week before it could be installed. My husband said we would absolutely not be taking another day off work to wait around for a damaged appliance, we would like a percentage off for the trouble.

They had a salesman call us and offered to take a whopping $80 off our $2300 purchase.

It took us six weeks, multiple delays, multiple problems and issues, two damaged appliances, and eating out of a cooler on our porch for weeks before we finally got this all taken care of. Not one single time were we able to talk to a manager, not one time were we made to feel like they understood how upset we were. We were offered one half-assed apology, then told that really we were lucky that Best Buy was willing to help us out with upgraded appliances at all. When I reminded the salesman the "upgrade" wasn't what I wanted at all, and it was his fault that we needed the upgraded appliances in the first place, he got loud with me and said we could have just retutned it all.

This was the worst experience I have ever had with customer service in my entire life, and I will never shop at Best Buy again. I recommend nobody shops at Best Buy, their customer service leaves a great deal to be desired.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Refrigerator Installation.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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FYI, we went to Lowes first...the set was delivered without a phone call ahead of time, then both the fridge and stove had been damaged. We refused delivery and asked for a refund. They argued and made us wait to get a refund.


For the future: try Lowe's.


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