If I could give negative stars I would.

The customer service at this store is absolutely atrocious I would recommend buying elsewhere. I went online and logged into my best buy account and I purchased a 32" Insignia smart television set at a very cheap price and set up in store pickup for the next day.

So after waiting about 25 minutes or so in line to pickup my order I give the associate my account information, and they pull up my order.

The associate then tells me I am not authorized to pickup my order. I then ask, why ? She proceeds to tell me that the purchaser was my wife that she needs to pick it up, I laughed and said you are joking right ? No response.

I then proceed to pull up not only my best buy account via Google, but also provided the purchase email and the pickup email to prove that I placed the order. Not only that I also pulled up the authorized persons for pickup through my account settings on their website, low and behold I am the only person listed as authorized to pick up on my account. Literally the only thing attached to my wife's name was the credit card it was purchased on. They still refuse to give me my television.

I ask for a manager and the store manager literally gives me the same spiel, I once again provide all the information I provided to the associate, the manager apologizes and refuses to give me the product. So at this point I'm like fine refund me my purchase, the manager proceeds to refund me for a television that for some reason I'm not allowed to pick up but I'm allowed to say I don't want it give me my money back. This has been the worst customer service I have ever experienced at any store and after years of loyal patronage to Best Buy I will never return there again for any reason.


Today 12/29 I receive an email claiming I picked up the television they refused to give me on 12/28 that I had asked to be refunded. So I return to the store to ask why, after explaining the situation from 12/28 to another associate, they then tell me that they had to show the item as picked up to issue a refund.

So I asked for a receipt to confirm this, and they told me they were unable to provide that.

Another associate walks up and asks me to explain the situation again, so I do, this person decides to get extremely snippy and quite frankly down right rude with me claiming I'm confused, and I don't know what I'm talking about and Generally insulting my intelligence. At this point I'm like you know what just give me corporate phone number, and he proceeded to give me the 1-877-bestbuy number, I said that isn't corporate. He argues with me about that then threatens to kick me out of the store. Mind you I was calm, and I didn't get loud.

So I left the store.

By the way Don't bother calling that number to file a complaint it falls on deaf ears, Best Buy doesn't care about you as a customer or their atrocious customer service they provide.

They will not resolve your issue and will basically tell you oh well.

This was at Best Buy store # 243, their associates are rude and very condescending. Do not go there.

User's recommendation: Avoid this store.

Location: Rossford, Ohio

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