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Made the mistake of buying a Lenovo Chromebook in the Warner Robins store, which turned out to be a bloatware packed lemon causing nothing but security problems which I believe were caused by open source garbage. So I called Lenovo since the ridiculous 14 day returns period had passed but the warranty was still good for another 11 months.

After 45 min on the phone with an overseas rep who couldn’t help I was provided an authorization number and told I would be able to take the laptop back to Best Buy for a refund. It’s more than an hour away and so it was just under two weeks later that I called just to make sure this authorization was still good. I spoke to three geeks over the next 48 hours, each time promised a call back after consulting higher managers. I did not get ONE call and so on day 3 I drove the 85 miles with receipt and authorization number in hand only to be told I had no options for return as indicated by Lenovo and it would have to be sent out taking two weeks approximately.

The mystery manager who makes all the decisions was not there but the supervisor on duty insisted that’s my only option. So... without any choice I figured ok, I’ll just let them factory reinstall it so at least I can sell the damn thing. It costs me $600 which I paid for with cash.

Well, lo and behold, another geek came up and whispered something to geek one about the only option was to repair it in house. There’s something fishy going on and I imagine it has to do with knock off garbage being sold as legitimate google chrome books. So, now I’m out $600 plus several hours, so BUYER BEWARE.

I will buy a typewriter before ever buying any computers from Best Buy. And if I confirm my suspicions Best Buy will be talking to my lawyers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

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How is this Best Buy's fault? Don't blame a good ethical company because you want a new Chromebook which I gurantee is way out of return policy. There isn't any open source ad-on's unless you're the one who installed it.

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