21051 Haggerty Rd, Novi, MI 48375, USA
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Bestbuy Novi MI is the worst store I have ever seen!!!!!! Bought new washer dryer and fridge from them, scheduled for installation and toll away the old ones.

Wait 4 hours for installation people to show up, I called and was told by customer service that they won’t let me know when they come, just grounded and wait. Finally show up, said they have wrong cord for dryer and can’t take out the old fridge out of the door, which was too big. I tried schedule a 2nd time, and took the right cord from them, days later, wait for 5 hours and the contractor came saying they were only told to take out the old fridge. The contractor quickly left saying he will call bestbuy and I will receive their call back in 5 min, which never happen.

I am very frustrated and already late for my afternoon job. I postpone my job and went to the store again, the staff and manager are rude and nobody ever apologize for anaything. So proudly saying: you can cancel your order! It is not our fault!

Or if you want your dryer to install, I cannot guarantee how long it takes! One female staff also laughed when I was telling I am two days behind my job already to get this done! One staff said rudely, do you want the dryer to be installed, just say yes or no. I said it depends on if I have to wait there for another 5 hours and find out things still cannot get done!

He said proudly, that I cannot control! So I said cancell the order! The guy quickly sacasticaly said: bye! And going minding his own business.

I said that's it? Don't you need to give me any schedule to take it away? He said that is it, we will call. Then later customer service called my husband saying they charge for 15% re-stocking!!

They never mention it in store, they never give solutions nor apologize for their disconnection in the service loop for the first two times failures!!!!!!

I think there should be a way to regulate those people who do not respect & fool their customers!! I went out of the store crying, actually, felt being disrespected and left no option, or being bullied.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Dryer Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Best Buy Cons: Customer service.

  • Unhappy With Best Buy
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Try Lowe's rather than Best Buy. Dispute any "restocking fee" they charge you.

Best look carefully at the invoice you got from them to see the "terms and conditions" or such in order to verify the restocking fee. Best Buy is really not a good place to buy appliances, nor much of anything nowadays.


Thanks a lot, my money, time, and feelings.... I almost felt I should file a lawsuit against them

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