Downers Grove, Illinois
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My husband and I recently purchased a range, dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator from a Best Buy store for delivery to a high rise in Chicago. Unfortunately, the renovations to the property have taken longer than expected and I have had to reschedule the delivery three times. The first two times that I had to reschedule there was no problem. This morning I received an email reminding me about the delivery scheduled for this Wednesday. It directed me to call 1-888-237-8289 to reschedule. I called and the customer service representative refused to assist me since the order was in my husband's name. It didn't matter that we set up the order so that emails regarding delivery were sent to my email address so that I could coordinate delivery. It didn't matter that I could give every order number, billing address, delivery address, or account number that could have been requested or that I had been able to reschedule delivery twice in the past. I had to ask for a manager three times before the representative would connect me.

The head of the midwest call center simply said repeatedly that it was company policy not to speak to me and that anyone that may have helped me in the past had violated policy. She refused to do anything to help me and eventually hung up on me. I told her that Best Buy could make the delivery but no one would be there to accept it as there is no room in the unit to store the appliances while it is being renovated. She told me that there was nothing that they could do unless my husband called. I do not understand why Best Buy does not recognize that married couples divide responsibilities in their households. My husband is not available to accept deliveries during the day, nor does he know exactly when I am available to accept deliveries, which makes it impossible for him to schedule a delivery without first speaking with me. Since these appliances are being delivered to an income property 30 miles from our house, coordinating delivery with my schedule is critical.

When I called Best Buy, I expected that I would speak to someone who would listen to me and help me solve my problem, not cite a customer service policy that doesn't actually help customers. I appreciate the need for security, but Best Buy should have a policy that allows its representatives to verify authority through a secondary means. I could have understood the reaction that I received had I tried to change the delivery address- all I wanted was to postpone delivery two weeks. If that is against policy, and I was informed repeatedly that it was, the policy should be changed. ABT has a motto-- to paraphrase, it will grant any reasonable request. Best Buy should take a page from ABT's book- I know that is where we will be buying all our products in the future since they price match and provide customer service.

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