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My husband and I had purchased a 42 inch Samsung T.V. that was a just over a 1 1/2 years old.

The t.v. started going bad and we had paid extra for the extended warranty so they came out. When they came out, the geek squad guy said he would order the part and that he would be back in 2 weeks. The morning he was to have showed up, he called to say that the part no longer existed and that we would get a new t.v.

What they don't tell you, is that you then have to shell out another $200 for a new warranty on this t.v. To make matters worse, they lied that the part was no longer made, it actually is made but it cost too much for Best Buy to replace. They told us we were lucky we were getting a new t.v. but we got stiffed out of 2 years of the extended warranty because they did not want to fix the t.v.

We exchanged the t.v., did not shell out another $175 dollars for a new warranty and after spending over $7,000 dollars at Best Buy on appliances in the past year, we are cancelling our credit card and will no longer buy from them. We now have HHGregg in our area and will try them. The customer service we encountered was terrible. The 4 year warranty is a scam!

Best Buy sucks and they seem to be going the way of Circuit City.

I should know, I grew up in Richmond where Circuit City started and had friends that worked there and they started going downhill because of the customer service.

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I completely agree! 4 yr warrenty ends 10/2010 and they are trying everything they can to milk not giving us a new replacement on a tv they is now having it's 4th repair...

Stated in the warrenty that they are suppose to but now they go through a review board?? total BS!

Im considering a civial lawsuit againt them.. worst customer service between geek squad and HQ!


Well technically you really can't say they didn't tell you that replacing the TV fulfills their obligation on the warranty since it's printed in the brochure they gave you.


We've been dealing with this same issue since last halloween (yep you know that holiday that was three months ago)42" plasma 3 yrs into 4 yr waranty having power problem.. Wait 2 wks for service call..wait 2 weeks for part...oops!.wrong part sent..wait 2 weeks for part..

OH MY! PART IN NO LONGER available(according to Philips it's still available....Best buy trying to pawn it off on Philips as a lemon.. IT'S not a lemon, it broke just once (not a single completed repair call as per their own language)and Best Buy says it can't( or won't) fix it.


says TV can't be replaced ,says it won't be refunded..This is not Philip's problem it's all Best Buy's.. small claims court here we go..(also seeking lost wages for all those service calls)

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