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I purchased a laptop online around Christmas of 2016 if memory serves. I received the computer and turned it on and began going through all the hoops of setting it up. During this process it “crashed” showing a specific prompt on the screen later proved to mean the hard drive failed. It went back to Best Buy’s Geek Squad in Gainesville FL for service who replaced the hard drive.

I then began the long process of setting it up again with the exact same failure with the same screen. Once again it was taken back to Best Buy and another hard drive installed...

You guessed it. Back home, reinstall, later failure, same blue screen with the same information, and of course back to Best Buy yet again. This time with the promise of replacement if the issue returns. I returned home and made it all the way through the setup finally without a failure. I don’t use the computer all that often so it was a few months later than I needed it, turned it on, and go figure I was left staring at the same blue screen of death with the same information.

Knowing with no shadow of a doubt what the problem was, yet a fourth time and two years later, I had a temporary loss of my faculties allowing hulk mode to come out smashing the screen... yes, dumb but it did make me feel better. This shattered a good portion of the screen however you could still see the outline and some of the words mentioned before indicating the failed hard drive.

Back AGAIN to Best Buy thinking I’ll finally get rid of this lemon. No such luck. That is because they informed me that the warranty was no longer good as it’s past it’s 2 year mark. As I explained to the manager, Keith I believe, that the computer was in their possession for 3/4 of those 2 years with it essentially never working he advised me that there was nothing he could do. The classic “I understand you’re frustration but there’s nothing I can do” was essentially the continued response.

So here I am now left with a broken laptop that never worked since day one, had been “fixed” three times before this incident, and now that they drug it out to its two year mark I’m now left with the bill. I highly discourage anyone from subjecting themselves to this abhorrent customer service as there are plenty of other places that will treat you with some form of respect. I still plan on trying to climb the corporate ladder to speak with someone at the regional level if possible to verify that this is how they wish to be perceived as a company. This was definitely one of the worst customer service interactions from such a large company of my nearly 40 year old life and I would personally be embarrassed and ashamed if it were my organization.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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