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Once again, the same e-mail problem has occurred three times in the last year. Geek Squad assured me every time they had fixed the problem and it would not happen again.

Their online tech support is beyond UNPROFESSIONAL.

Some of them are barely understandable.

Some have terrible overseas telephone connections with static and breaking signals. One idiot even had a rooster crowing every few seconds in the background for the entire call.

I have NO confidence in their abilities or ethics.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Best Buy Cons: Bad employees.

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Sounds like a software issue. If it happens frequently then it's something you're doing wrong.

As arrogant as you sound in your review it's no wonder you recieved minimal help. Also I don't know what cave you worked at all your life but people who have to listen to your attitude on a daily basis need to release some pressure every now and then. You probably have never experienced joy in the workplace so you wouldn't understand the rooster noise.

You use geeksquad because your kids or grandkids already wrote you off. Learn to fix your own problem if it's so horrible boomer.

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