Elmont, New York

Best Buy has awful customer service. After being ignored for 15 minutes by groups of employees standing around while talking and laughing, I walked by a rep station several times, in hopes that she would acknowledge my existence.

She didn't.

When I asked her "could I get some help?" she didn't look up at me (no eye contact), but merely said "with what." This wasn't even a question; she was clearly annoyed at me for some reason. Overall I would classify their employees as "snotty young people." I WILL NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN SHOP AT BEST BUY.

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I'm sure the original poster wasn't even much older than those "snotty young people"

Alan C

This is 2012. CNET.com, Amazon.com Superior info.

Expert and customer reviews. Why waste gas to talk to a teenager or rookie??


My email is bamaknight82@live.com


thats because of there selling model. They are taught to act busy so that they can start a conversion with you so you do not know they are tring to sell you something.

I did not know what they where thinking when they came up with this. the management at my store did nothing but walk around and play with there phones and talk to customers when they where mad. they do not care what there enployees do.

If anyone wants to know what to say or how to beat the system just email me your question. I may be able to get you free stuff from them.


Best Buy employees are nothing but snot nosed teenagers who have no clue about the products they are selling. They are only taught to sell sell sell those worthless extended warranties. Do your research on-line then buy from Amazon....


And this is the exact reason I have not shopped at Best Buy in over 7 years! They have horrible customer service and terrible, rude, grumpy employees.

I'll keep my electronics shopping to Sam's Club limited selections, but superior customer service.

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