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I bought a new laptop from best buy on-line and set it up. When I tried to connect to my wireless router, no luck. Now mind you, I'm no computer expert, but I've worked with windows for several years now, and I've used my wireless router at home for 3 years and it's a nice N-type router. So I'm thinking, OK, Windows 7 is different, and maybe I'm missing something here, so I'll call Best-Buy Customer Service.

Well, the first call I make, the nice gal tells me to install the disk for the router. So now I think, easy enough, I had forgotten the router had a disk. Well, the disk won't run, so I call back for some more input from their staff.

To sum up the conversation, in the time this next person spent telling me how hard it would be to connect my new laptop to my router and try to sell me on having a Geek Squad person come to my house and do it, he could have walked me through it on the phone. Instead, I must have listened to a 30 minute line of BS on all the compatibility issues, and you have to do this and that, and it's so hard and it may not even work then, blah, blah. And I ended up doing it myself anyway. So the whole experience with them was a huge waste of time.

If I have any more issues with this computer, I'll deal directly with the manufacture.

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dear dave, roll one and relax. The place is called; "BEST BUY", correct?

Not "BEST ADVICE" or "BEST PHONE GALS", they are in the business of selling. Selling comps and selling their "Geek...." service, not the advice over the phone for free business.

Also, you could have hung up or politely interrupted after five minutes of going nowhere. Next time just figure it out or pay for the service, but be happy with the deal you got at the store and dont blame them for your incompetence.


For one thing you don't have a wireless n router probably your first problem because the technology didn't exist 3 years ago

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