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I have been a Best Buy customer for many many years. Not just any customer, but a loyal customer. When it comes to electronics, toners, accessories, etc… Best Buy was my one stop shop. All that changed on Sunday, October 23rd, 2011.

On Feburary 6th, 2010 I made a rather large purchase (according to my standards). I purchased an advertised "bundle." I received an ASUS desk top, monitor, key board and mouse; a Gateway Notebook, a Gateway Netbook, and a wireless home makeover. This was like a blessing from GOD when I saw this advertisement. It addressed all the things I was considering at the time. Well I also purchased a second Gateway Netbook, wireless mouse, surge protector and antivirus software. I purchased Microsoft Office and paid for Best Buy to install it on my devices. And a few days later I returned and bought a new printer and toner (because my all-in-one wasn't compatible with Windows 7). I thought life was good.

On Sunday, October 23rd, 2011 I went into the Best Buy in Novi, Michigan on Haggerty Rd with my three sons expecting a smooth interaction with the "Geek Squad." It was the worst service experience I have ever had. I was bringing in my ASUS monitor, ASUS keyboard and Gateway Netbook for repair. The monitor went out. The keyboard was malfunctioning and the netbook stopped working after my son tried to download a homework assignment. When I made my purchases in February 2010 I bought warranties for everything. I actually believe in warranties. I believe in protecting my investments. I had no problem spending the extra money, so IF I ever needed to use it, we would be protected.

The rep and store manager proceeded to inform me that my monitor was not covered by any warranty. The warranty I purchased was specifically on the CPU ONLY! Eventhough I bought an ASUS package/bundle (whether Best Buy put it together and sold it or ASUS shipped it to you to sell that way) it was presented, advertised and sold to me as a package/bundle! When I purchased the warranty, the salesman NEVER said I needed a separate warranty for EACH and every piece of the ASUS products. Had I been informed and given the option, I would have spent the few extra dollars to insure my purchase. While I was waiting I called to Ann Arbor, MI and spoke to a manager at the store I originally purchased all the items from. She went on to explain to me that in 2010 when I bought my items, Best Buy didn't even offer monitor or keyboard warranties; that is new this year. She went on to say if the items had been packaged in the same box, then I would have been covered. I stood there at that darn counter in front of my three sons crying. Because I have always taught them to deal honestly in business and you will receive honesty in return. How could I look my sons in the face after that exchange and stand by what I have been teaching them all their lives! You destroyed so much on that day with your callous disregard for any of us. I walked out of that store feeling SUCKER PUNCHED, SCREWED OVER, HUNG OUT TO DRY, BAMBOOZLED, DUPED, LEAD ASTRAY and my confidence BETRAYED. Then I was told the manufacturers warranty was expired as well!

The fun didn't stop there. In regards to the netbook, I was told I had purchased the "accidental damage" warranty. If my issue turned out to be software related, I was on my own! It could be repaired of course but I had no protection! Again, had I been informed and given the option, I would have spent the few extra dollars to insure my purchase. Well two days later I was called and told to come and pick-up my netbook. And low and behold the rep said it was a virus on the system which would be software related. I could have Best Buy fix it $199/ 1 year plan or $299/ 2 year plan. I was told I would probably need to re-install the Office software. I told the rep I had the disks and product keys. I also informed her Best Buy installed the software (which I paid for). She said it didn't matter. It would cost me again for them to fix it. I stood there in that store in total disbelief! I carefully placed my broken netbook in its case and walked out.

I don't like presenting a problem without also presenting a solution. What would have been acceptable to me? There should have no haggling what so ever. In good faith I bought the warranties that I thought would protect my investment. The monitor and keyboard should have been replaced without question. The netbook should have been repaired without question. The warranty I purchased for it would have replaced a damaged or broken device. My device needed less work and would cost less to repair.

I spent over $2700 for the items. I hope the loss of a loyal customer and any other customers I can persuade not to do business with Best Buy is worth it.

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Your case sounds so similar to mine! I have told everyone of how no matter what warranty I have it is always something that is not covered.

The way I solved my problem was to buy my next computer through Apple. The no questions asked warranty means exactly that and I have always been satisfied when dealing with them. Furthermore when my iPod broke way after the warranty was up they couldn't replace it for free but they offered me 20 percent off of whatever I wanted to buy to replace it!

I never buy from BB anymore and have told all my family and friends my story. Don't worry theIr sales were down 30 percent last quarter