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I purchased a washing machine from this particular Best Buy in February of 2012 without an extended warranty. In March of 2013 the washing machine stop working and flooded my newly renovated basement. I called Best Buy to inform them of the situation and they called a repairmen (Geek Squad) to repair the machine. After the service call the servicemen said he could not find the issue and nothing was wrong with the machine. One month later it happened again! The never came back out and reconnected the water hose to the water connection. Issue fixed! Fast forward Late June of 2014, the same machine could not fill with water. Called Best Buy again and was charged a service fee for the Geek Squad to come out and take a look at the situation. Servicemen figured out the issue, the motherboard (brains of the system) was shot. Servicemen ordered the part to my home and set up an appointment for the following week (more time off of work). A new servicemen comes to my home to install the part, guess what? The previous servicemen ordered the wrong part!?! They had to order the right part and set up another appointment for the following week. Same servicemen comes to my home and fixes the problem, he says. I wash my clothes 20 minutes later, the water doesn't drain. I put it on the rinse and spin cycle, still don’t drain. I tried the next morning and it still doesn't work. Since the most recent issue has occurred, I have been back and fourth on the phone with customer service of Geek Squad and Best Buy. Fortunately, I was put in contact with a customer service woman from Best Buy that helped as much as she could. I told her I was going to the store, #388 to try to get the issue resolved. She put me in contact with the store GM Matt. When I got there he was well aware of my situation and simply said to me that, I was out of warranty and there is nothing he could do for me. When I asked him if I can get his manager's contact information, he said, you have to call 1-888-Best Buy. As a recent this store has gone through new management and it's ashamed because, I will never shop there again. I've had situations there before in the past but the old management regime did everything to assist me. This guy Matt, was professional, but lacked the customer service skills needed to interact with customers. I WILL NEVER EVER SHOP AT THIS BEST BUY AGAIN AND I ENCOURAGE YOU ALL TO DO THE SAME. Lastly, I would think twice before I ever hire the Geek Squad for anything again.

Excuse the grammar and spelling errors, I’m just frustrated and wanted to get this out!

- Sincerely Disappointed Customer

Monetary Loss: $500.

  • Whirlpool 4800 top loader washer
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the first sentence of this paragraph is this guys major issue... if you buy a pair of jeans from kohls...

trip and fall and tear *** in the knee... try taking it back to kohls and getting a new pair


"Blah, blah, blah, I didn't buy any warranty and Best Buy won't fix my stuff." Cry us a river.


check to see if your untilities gas/electric has a monthly fee for servicing your appliances it will save you a ton COMPARED TO WORST BUY

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