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I was asked by my father, who has a small business, to buy an iMac 27" computer today. Out names is on the business account, but I don't make many purchases, so instead of the card, I carry 2 business checks. Yes I know, who writes checks these days!?! but even with how unpopular check writing is in today's world, we still need to write checks for personal use and business use. If you don't have direct deposit, you get paid with a check. So anyway, I walk into the Best Buy store in Portland Oregon's Jantzen Beach Shopping Center to purchase the iMac. I get to the register, write the check, ask the clerk if the check is ran through like a debit and was told, "kind of." After a few seconds, the check is handed back to me and the clerk looks at me and says, "the check was declined"! Hu? Printed on the back of the check is, "Our decision not to accept yor check is based, in part, on advise from TeleCheck."

I was shocked and embarrassed! This was totally humiliating, and there was no reason the check should have been declined. I should have just walked out, but other customers were looking at me. So I paid with my personal visa. So humiliating! after I got home and fully read all the print on the back of the check and looked up some info on line, that Was when I realized that BEST BUY set up the perimeters with telecheck.

Now I really wished I just left Best Buy. What kink of company would agree to match up with a check service that didn't get some personal data bank info on the customer befor declining check. I call the bank, nothing was wrong. I call telecheck, and they said we didn't write enough checks.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

Preferred solution: Get rid of TeleCheck. Instal a system that takes the money from a personal check like a debit card would. No more humiliation for honest customers. .

Best Buy Pros: Store.

Best Buy Cons: Teleck decline of my ck when fund and credit perfect, Telecheck decline for no reason.

  • humiliating
  • Sufficient Fund
  • Bad Experience At Best Buy
  • Apple Imac 27 Inch Computer
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You seem like a really petty customer. For one, since when does a store like BBY allow you to casually pick up a $2000+ computer and walk up to the checkout station?

Normally you would need assistance from an associate and they grab it for you and typically handle the transaction on the spot, not at the front registers. 2nd, what does BBY got to do with TeleCheck declining your check? Its not their fault...

Also, lets say there was a line of ppl behind you and you were at the cashier lane (which i doubt) do you really think they gave a *** whether ur *** was getting declined or not? Stop being such an uptight snob and get over yourself.


So since Telecheck is the one who declined you shouldn't this be a bad review on Telecheck? Also not quite sure how this was humiliating.

I doubt the customers behind you were snickering and calling you names. If anything all they cared about was the transaction taking longer.

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