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I went to geek squad on research boulevard in austin. I got the worst service possible with my computer being wiped out with years and years of data And family pictures!! Here is what happened : I brought in my computer to upgrade to Windows 10. I had tried to do it on my own but my computer was stuck on a cycle where it would reboot itself on and on. At the store, I pay upfront the $150 service fee and leave. 2 days later, a tech calls me...
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Anonymous ALWAYS back up your important data

Bought the Blu Phone to travel, went to charge it, screen chipped & cracked. Tried to return it and they did not even look at the phone. They said these phones do not come with a warranty and I could go to get the screen replaced at a shop. I know it is Christmas and busy but at least look at the phone. Never shopping here again and do not buy the Blu Phone, it is cheaply made and not worth it.
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I didn't like
  • Technical support
  • False advertising of products and not resolving
  • Selling crappy warranty

September 7th I purchased over $7000. of Kitchenaid and LG appliances with a 5 year Geek Squad warranty and scheduled a delivery date of Nov. 2nd. I called the store a week before the scheduled delivery to make sure everything was good for that date and was told there were no problems. By the 2nd I did not receive a call or a delivery and spent 2.5 hours on the phone with Best Buy customer service, the store, and XPO delivery. They re-scheduled...
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I'm an elite member at Best Buy. I walk into my local store and purchase a $1,700 samsung tv. Take the TV home and pay someone to mount it on the wall. The installer says I'm missing a critical component and without it the tv will not work -- the one connect console. I go back to best buy and the douche manager tells me: sorry, nothing we can do. Either return it or go to Samsung online and order the $400 part. What?!?!? They couldn't...
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Anonymous I'm confused did the tv not come with something that was supposed to be in the box or was it something that isn't included but you expected them to just give it to you? The fa...

Our school was told by an employee at Best Buy over the summer that we were the recipient of the $25,000.00 Best Buy Education technology make-over. He asked for our Superintendent and Technology Purchasing director's names so that the funds could proceed down the proper pipeline. So as a teacher I had to locate and tell our Superintendent that we have been contacted by Best Buy about the winning. Usually teacher's don't have contact with...
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Anonymous Best Buy is not the one to blame so why do they need to give you compensation for something they were not a part of? If you understood how a phishing scam works you would know...

I didn't like
  • Misrepresentaion
I have now been 30 days without a washer/dryer after a week of living with a Best Buy washer that Geek Squad could not fix. Best Buy employees (with whom I have endlessly dealt), are friendly and sympathetic, but the overall operation is a serious sh*t show. The day the repair man authorized a free washer, I went to the store and ordered it, along with the companion dryer. The units were delivered a couple of days later and were too big; that...
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Anonymous Couldn't go anywhere else with a better reputation?

I liked
  • Pleasant employees
  • Jesse the repair man
I didn't like
  • Failure to deliver products
  • 2 deliveries of damaged products
  • Hours spent on phone
I bought a refrigerator at best buy and also bought 5 years service protection plan. I was having issues with it from the beginning and called geek sqad to extend it before it expired. They said they cannot extend it since it was still under warranty and they said they would call me when it is about to expire. I never received a call or an email from them. Once the warranty expired, I called them to extend it and they say they will not be able...
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I am not going to give the short version of this nightmare. Bought 3 phones with extended warranty in 2013. They changed the terms in Sept 2013 which I was unaware nor was informed - so 2 of the 3 phones (purchased year end) were affected and I wanted to get a credit for those warranties because the new terms had a $200 deductible which for me did not justify the expense of the warranty. So I start the process 1/24/ was ridiculous -...
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Anonymous you want customer service at WORST BUY are you kidding me. you know that they are the worst place to buy anything why would you even even consider that you could get anykind ...

I purchsed my 2nd wall mount from Best Buy. Neither one fits and i tried to return it after 17 days and they would not take it. Now I'm out $150 for a bunch of *** that I don't need and can't use. These people are full of it. Don't buy anything else from them again.
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Swayze Okay, if you have any questions about the return policy, you should ASK the cashier who is ringing you up what the return policy is. On almost everything in the store, the pol...


po'd just tried to return a product that doesn't do what it says it does. They made an exception for the guy ahead of me in line but when it was my turn they said because I bought ...


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We purchased a $1,000 refrigerator Nov. 2011. We applied for and used a no interest for 18month Best Buy Credit Card, and were assured there was a no questions asked 30 day return policy. We were told we would be called on delivery day to schedule delivery time (we were not). It was delivered at 8am, in good condition. After one hour the water filter began to leak. We tried calling customer service and were connected to the geek squad,...
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Mrsprunet I also will never shop at Best Buy!! They screwed my adopted soldier stationed in agfghanistan like nobodys business. Were not willing to make right the lame laptop they sold ...