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Tried to buy a refrigerator from Best Buy. Evidently everyone but me knows better than to do this. One of the very worst days of my life (and that is truly saying something). The store does not answer phone calls. Not one answer all day. The delivery does not arrive at the guaranteed delivery time. I have to miss work because they keep changing the guaranteed delivery time. The delivery people eventually call me late in the day to say...
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Anonymous I feel like could start a pretty large support group just of people with mysterious vanishing Best Buy refrigerators. I should have read these reviews before I ordered, but I ...

I didn't like
  • Failure to keep promises
My wife and I were told on Saturday the day we ordered our Washer & Dryer the soonest we could get our appliances would be by having them delivered Monday since they did not have them in stock. This already became a problem because both my wife and I work on Monday. So i called my work there on the spot and got them day off. We were told then by our service rep we would receive a call Sunday night confirming our appointment. Sunday night and we...
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h.kitchener Next time try Lowe's.

Spent $1000 for a radio and back-up camera from one of their "Expert Advisors", made an appointment to have installed. Installation day came and when I went to pick my vehicle up I was told that my whole system needed to be re-wired and they didn't have time to do that because they had other customers that had scheduled appointments. Asked to speak to store manager and he basically told me that they could re-install my old radio (that didn't...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service
I order on Phone after confirming all the details and they sent me the wrong phone. When i reported it they told me they have reshipped the correct phone which they never did. Once again i reached out to them and they reshipped me the phone and i received same wrong phone again. Every time i talked to them they lied to me about the product and they wasted my 10 days on this purchase and still did not got correct product. Even after explaining my...
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Best_Buy_Tom These things REALLY need to be separated...there IS a difference in dealing with a Best Buy store and

I went to best buy in Miami FL and purchase some items for the holidays. The service provided is excellent and the reps helped me with all my purchases. I arrived at around noon time and was instantly approached by a manager looking to assist with my purchases. He directly me to the correct aisles and even walked me over to there. He was very knowledgable and explained about all the product features for each gift I was getting for...
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I liked
  • Wide variety of products
I won't buy anything from Best Buy because of this store (Bestbuy Tuttle Crossing). Employee who work are lying when they try to sell stuff for you. But NEVER take responsibility in returning process. This is what I get from this store: 1. I bought a laptop and they give me a different model with worse hardware. Charge me same price 2. When I went to return it (That computer Suck!), I was told by help desk to leave my computer in front desk. 3....
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Anonymous they know the employees lie the EMPLOYEES are told to lie to you anything to get the sales. Punishment for not up selling you is no hours no job, no food, no rent, no life. ...

I explained that the phone was a gift so I couldn't do that. They said I could not pick up the new phone until I brought the old phone in. The 'solution' they suggested was to take my son 's old phone in so they could activate the new one then to tell him something went wrong with his phone and he had to take it in to be reactivated. He isn't *** so that was really a non- solution. I finally left without the phone. Two days later I returned to...
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Anonymous In most cases you can process a future activation where the phone is actually not activated until a later date. I'm unsure why the mobile department wasn't smart enough to do ...


Heartless This is funny to me if it's true. BECAUSE IT'S SO TRUE. I work at another major retail chain and the GENERAL MANAGERS know nothing about the products or what needs to happen w...

I attempted to purchase a game for Xbox 360, Madden 25 and could not order it on line and have it sent to me at home. I was prompted to pick it up at the store. I went through all of the mechanics that were required and received an email from BB to inform me of my order arriving at the store and was available for pick up. When I arrived at the store, no one could find the order. I was at the store for well over one hour and the manager and...
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First of all, contrary to most people's assumptions, companies are not allowed to ask for ID just because you use a credit card. A good rule of thumb is if you could buy it from them with cash without showing ID, they can't require you to in order to use a credit card. I attempted to purchase a tablet tonight at Best Buy (2782 Taylor Road Ext Reynoldsburg, OH 43068). When asked for ID, I said I have it right here (took driver's...
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clearingthingsup you were trying to be political - period. you need an id to purchase a car, so what's the beef? it is NOT against the rules. it's called fraud prevention. maybe you like to...


Best_Buy_Tom This guy needs to get a life. :roll


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Ordered Big Bang Theory, 5th season, on email from BB only available for pick up. Chose Marysville another email not available, chose another location. Called and talked to BB rep, told to wait, it would become available, they would let me know before deadline if Marysville, OH store did not get so I could pick up at another store.on 12/4, got a cancellation notice.Could not get it resolved w/ customer service.BB used deceptive...
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