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On 8/15/2016 I purchased an iPhone 6s from My order was initially declined and immediately canceled (even though I got a follw up email giving me 24 hours to correct the problem). I corrected the problem within no more than 45 minutes and re placed the order. was giving a free gift with the iPhone. That free gift did not go with the re placed order. Apparently I would have had to refuse the order and start the whole...
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I had appliances delivered and it was an absolute nightmare. They delivered the wrong dishwasher and did not have my refrigerator at the scheduled delivery date. It was impossible for me to reschedule the delivery time and I had to work through the automated phone system multiple times with multiple transfers each time. All of the install items required "additional service" which costs $125-135 each. I wasted multiple hours in the store and on...
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Best_Buy_Tom When it comes to ordering appliances online, is not my friend, either... You have my sympathy. What was the eventual resolution to your issue?

I purchased a Nikon P520 camera through Best Buy from a Marketplace seller. I have a receipt that shows exactly the item I purchased. There's even a picture. I received a completely different, lesser camera. After contacting both Cameta Camera and Best Buy, Best Buy blames the marketplace seller Cameta Camera, they blame Best Buy. They are hiding behind finger pointing knowing that I am only a single consumer. Neither business is taking...
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I have spent a great deal of time in finding a computer and was ecstatic to find that it was in your stores. only to find out that it wasn't and I had to order it from you on line. which was find. four credit cards later I find out only after I called a store that it wasn't your web site but another. yet I was going through the best buy web site. when I called the number that the store had given to me for the web site I found the company...
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I was told in the store that I would be able to pay back my credit card using my debit card. They changed this policy and will only accept checking account numbers. This means that I cannot pay my bill without starting a checking account. My debit card is connected to a savings account (Don't ask how. I know its a savings account because when I tried to use the account number to pay, it declined it.) I can't pay my bill, and their only solution...
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MattD78 If you ask any store employee form any retail chain "Can I pay by debit card?" and they reply yes I guarantee close to 100% will be thinking you are talking about a checking d...

Worst place to shop! I ordered two video games via the phone with best buy, shipped to Boston to my friends while I was in was God Father, another one was a fighting game. A month later, back to Boston, I opened the package with him on his birthday. WRONG ITEMS! I brought them to store try to return or exchange these unopened games, store told me that I have to call the call center to return. I called! They told me that it was over a...
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Anonymous worst buy is the worst buy company. worst buy is the name and worst service, worst employees, worst delivery ect.

Bought a laptop and five weeks later it died. Was refused an exchange or return, despite the fact that it was a defective product. File a complaint with the MA Attorney General's office as well as the BBB. I will have to purchase a new laptop. I may file a small claims court action. I am now dealing with HP directly. BB will never get another cent from me. I am a great customer- I just recently purchased laptop for my son who is in college...
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CSA=abuse me Laptop "died" is a very broad term. Did you drop it? Was there a power surge? Perhaps you spilled something on it? In my experience, the customers that whine the loudest are t...


Bodryn I'm not an attorney but I believe an attorney would say that somebody who buys a laptop computer does so with the reasonable assumption that it will last more than 5 weeks bef...

Ok to start with I bought a notebook a week before Black Friday. Windows 8 does not work well or as expected when win 7 came out.......HP Help Desk and Best Buy Geek squad came to the same conclusion as me......WIN8 DOES NOT WORK......WAIT till 3 days after xmas.....these so called help desk will be flooded and useless. I returned my notebook and got for MS Office for 100 student discount...well that is another story....both Best...
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Geek Squad I fail to realize how Windows 8 deficiencies are Best Buys fault. We sell the product, we do not manufacture the product. If you brought your computer into my Geek Squad I wou...

If you buy MS office with your new computer at Best Buy, they will not refund the software. They tell you that you can use the same code on another computer.......and I will have no issues down loading the software using same the product key. LIES, LIES LIES. I called MS and they said that I would have issue and they would offer the refund from them. "Best Lies" as they are now called never told me to call MS. Why are they still in...
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Win 8 will not work with many printers...maybe most Win 8 setup and install has huge issues Win 8 cannot work with comcast internet Many of the Geek squad know of this and are frustrated I have no proof but I think the sales people know....but they are shoveling it out My sales person lied to me about the discount protection GEEK CUSTOMER SERVICE IS FAIR TO GOOD, but they are not familiar with 8 and all its issues Best Buy sales cust svc is...
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JohnT Though Best Buy would never be my retailer of choice (and I mean never) this issue is more related to Microsoft. Windows 8 does have issues and businesses are reluctant to upg...