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Purchased the unit a month ago. Purchased extended warranty. While viewing my favorite program the unit popped loudly. Powered down waited a few minutes. Powered back on larger rainbow lines. Two tiny black spots with spider lines. Brought the unit in my local BB. I was told I hit the unit. No damage on the screen but the engineer behind the counter accessed this to be my problem. Proceeded to call the BB from where it was purchased. Transferred...
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I bought a dishwasher 2 months ago from Best Buy in South Loop Chicago. After XPO, the installation company, installed the Bosch dishwasher and left, I ran the dishwasher for the first time. The dishwasher flooded my floors on the first run causing $3k in damages. I have been in contact with Best Buy and their insurance company ever since and they say it's not their fault. Clearly, someone is at fault here and it is NOT me. Best Buy is the worst...
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Anonymous Good Afternoon,
I am very sorry for the inconveniences you experienced. We are committed to making things right. Has anyone been in touch with you from XPO to resolve thi...


Anonymous Amazing that a Bosch dishwasher door seal would fail. Or any component on the product. We have had a Bosch diswasher since 1994. It is not as quiet as it once was but we have ...

After shopping around at a few places looking for a new washer and dryer, I landed at Best Buy. Without going into great detail il will say they convinced me to buy my appliances there promised me Rewards points and Extended Warranty ....after the purchase received NEITHER...I tried talking with a manager, even called the cooperate office, thry actually snickerd saying"sometimes we get carried away with promises....Worst Store in...
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Anonymous Yet again another satisfied Besr Buy customer.

Exchange Policy Review

Mother bought me an LG head set but bought the wrong one. I went back to the store with sealed box and in there bag and they denied the exchange due to me not having the paper receipt l. I was spending double more on the new set. Worst customer service ever
I purchased a laptop charger just under a month ago. It wasn't working with the laptop as I hoped, so I went to return it. I had my receipt all the original packaging. Nothing was ripped open or missing. I received an in store credit for $71 and I never shop at Best Buy. This was a special circumstance that I needed professional guidance on what to buy. NEVER AGAIN will I shop at this store. The customer service person could have cared less...
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I bought a Microsoft Surface. They convinced me to buy their support agreement (which I'm now sceptical about) rather than a regular 3-year agreement like I have had previously with HP and Apple. The Surface kept crashing (the screen would freeze, and the only way out was to crash the computer). After three trips in to the Geek Squad, they said I could get a new 'refurbished' computer. Both Apple and HP would have given me a new computer. How do...
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MattD78 So then why not take the Surface to Microsoft under their manufacturer's warranty and then use Best Buy's portion of the warranty after the 1 year from Microsoft? I get that y...

I recently pre-ordered Halo 4 online to be picked up at the Joliet, IL store #307. Upon arriving, showed my online receipt and was told to get into line. Upon getting in that line and waiting 45 minutes. I got to the cash register to an employee(Girl with tattoos) that didn't know what I was presenting to her. She talked to another employee next to her, and the gentleman said to just go pick up my copy I paid for it. I then proceeded to walk...
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ha ha Awwww poor you and what does her having tatoos have to do with the situation?


On 07/07/2012 I purchased Sony DVD player for my autistic son Anthony. At the time I paid extra for a Best Buy warranty, knowing that Anthony without a portable DVD player would NOT be a good thing. You see, this is NOT just entertainment for him, but, because of his disability, a necessary tool for him to be able to function outside of his home. This tool offers a distraction to sensory issues around him that would normally trigger a negative...
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JohnT Its funny how these Best Buy employees (mostly all teenagers) try to defend their less than honest company. There have been so many PROVEN deceptions that States\'Attorneys ha...


Dude25 If not having a DVD is that big of a problem then you should have a couple of DVD players to use if one breaks down.

Pre-Ordered the Collector's Edition of Mass Effect 3 for the PC two months in advance. Had it delivered to the nearby store for pick-up. I went there today to pick it up, and after waiting for 10 minutes, they processed my item. They mistakenly gave me the Xbox 360 version. I let them know, and they had me wait while they found the right item. 10 minutes later, they try to give me the Standard Edition for the PC. I tell them it's not the...
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Eric I hopped on to Best Buy rewards about three months ago because of the way better deals on game pre-orders (20 dollars back in store credit). But after pre-ordering 6 games and...


IHateStupidCustomers @Fraggle Rock (weird name) I\'ll agree that there probably are some Best Buy employees on here but there are also people on here that have no problem telling people how much o...

Tonight, I was at best buy store in Gurnee Illinois to exchange an item that was never opened, in its original packing with original receipt. Just ask to get it exchange or return to get some other item. The store manager was very rude and refused to take my return back. Her name is stephanie. I expalined her that I am not asking money back or refund. She said we dont carry this item in store anymore. I brought and showed her same item which was...
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Squirrel :zzz I have NEVER had a problem with returns to BB, because I always follow the rurn policy. Sounds like you did not.


Simon I have never heard of anyone being denied a return because they don\'t stock the item any more unless it\'s outside the timeframe of their return policies. If you were ou...

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Yesterday, I went into the Best Buy Mobile store at the Fashion Square Mall in Charlottesville, Va. Asked a simple question, "Do you have any IPhone 4s for Verizon service in stock" was told "why an IPhone" I said because I want an iPhone. Again was asked "why an iPhone" I said because I like the iPhone and that's what I want. The store clerk, or ***, said that there are so many other phones that are way better than the iPhone. He went on...
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