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I went to the West L.A Best Buy located on Pico Blvd to purchase a new cell phone and have my old contacts and such transferred over. I must say that this Best buy has horrible customer service, the entire staff were either talking or texting on their personal phones, talking among themselves and not helping! I waited in line for a good hour before getting ringed up, having only a family ahead of me! The personnel by the name of Sonny was...
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I didn't like
  • Bad service after purchase
  • Customers do not answer the phone
Hello, My Harutun Yepremyan I am a best buy credit card holder.. I purchased a washer from best buy online but after using i am very dissatisfied with the machine so i decided to exchange/return it for an different one.. My comment is on the customer service department how unprofessional group of call takers i had to deal with which got me writing this email.. First time i called i don't get his name but after telling him my concern with the...
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Over the past weekend just prior to the july 4th holiday my sister requested my assistance with purchasing a new dishwasher and stove for her house since she had recently replaced the refrigerator and the other appliances were "high milage". I was more then willing to assist her since she's helps my wife and myself with babysitting our kids and I own a toyota tundra so of course I'm to go to man with anything involving moving larger items. We...
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Anonymous Did you ever hear back? Wish you could provide that info for corporate. My $1700 order with BB has become a total nightmare.


Anonymous Sounds like these "employees" are sure working hard to get the $15.00 hour raise.


poor service Review

Augusta GA best buy the worst I have ever been to. Unless you want something really simple they just out right suck
Told shud subscribe to geek squad for iPhone. "They will repair or replace your damaged phone". Phone damaged after several months paying. Guess what? Oh that kind of damage isn't covered. Best buy credit card got charged for some kind of insurance. Was not told - just appears. Only way to stop was to close account. Samsung TV purchased. Removed from box had chip corner of screen. Returned same day. Was told "how do we know you didn't do...
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Went to Best Buy Woodland Hills to buy a Samsung Tablet advertised at Frys Electronics for an excellent price. I showed the manager a printed ad and also mentioned that I have an account with best buy. He refused to do a price match with absurd reasons like "it is only for one day" or "We can not give you a price that goes under our cost". I spoke with two more sales associates that were willing to accept the price match policy, but the Manager...
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MattD78 I would show the manager their online price match policy because obviously he is wrong.
Does Best Buy match the price if it results in a price being below Best Buy's cost o...


I went online to buy a gift card and notice the price that you had 200.00 for 15.00. I'm not for if it was a mistake or not I order 6 of them and took the money out of acct. and then sent an email 2 day later stating they cancelled the order. Best Buy is suppose to sale the cards for the same amount they had posted, but they just cancelled my order for no reason. Shame on Best Buy for not sending my items as I order, I will never buy from them...
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MattD78 First of all, you knowingly tried to rip off Best Buy by taking advantage of an obvious error. Second:
We try to be as accurate as possible. However, we do not warrant that...


Anonymous You are a real *** if you think that deal was real.

I purching a big screen Tv on 2-23-2015. The TV was delivered to my house on 2-28-2015. I found it was too big to fit my living room, so I decided to return it. I went to the store were I purchesed today (3-12-2015). They refused returning. I was told by the manager that the date count from the purchesed date, not from the delivered date. I am so upset about this. It does not make sense for me. Since they have 15 days returning policy, I have...
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I bought a laptop in ontario CA. They also sold me the cd with " Microsoft program" and a "factory cd" which I paid extra 100 dollars for each cd. When I got home I try to install the cd and to my surprise they were empty CDs. When I complained to best buy they said that the CDs had the program and I may have erased it. They didn't do anything at all to solve my problem and I lost out on 200 dollars. I will never buy from best buy they are...
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diesel841 Try calling 888 best buy. They are very good at resolving consumer issues. Be honest about with them about the complete transaction. Btw, there is no possibility that you coul...

Best Buy was rude and incorporate. My camera didn't work anymore and they couldn't replace it nor fix it. So they offered me to send it to the manufactory to let them fix it. It should take about 2-3 weeks, but I would have been only around about 1 week. Best buy can't send it back to Germany, where I come from neither can't send it faster. For this one case they weren't flexible or nice to me. I wouldn't recommend Best Buy to anybody! They...
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Never shop there. i repeat NEVER. Not worthy of your money or time. Tried buying macbook online to pick up in the store. They already took the money out of my account and unfortunately its the second day I am computer-less. Terrible company, terrible service. Not one person knows how the system works. Never shop there. i repeat NEVER. Not worthy of your money or time. Tried buying macbook online to pick up in the store. They already took the...
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Anonymous Agree with this post. Paid $1200 for laptop plus software etc. chose to order on-line and pick-up in store. I did this to save time because I knew what I wanted, and needed th...