So I called the 800 number for best buy. The girl asked for all the numbers on the receipt. OK I got she said your refund will be back on your card in 4 to 6 days Its been 3 weeks. So I called again. Oh well there is no numbers listed in your account. She said you...
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Probably should blame your husband for this mishap, if you had not acted like a two year old and should have the card it would have been a lot easier for you to return the gift card. Most stores won't refund gift cards in fact Best Buy typically doesn't return gift cards look at their terms and conditions. Seriously own up to the situation as you created it or your husband rather..

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there are other computer stores in the world

Best Buy fails to keep promises

We purchased a bunch of furniture from a local RTG and they have a promo going where if you buy the room you get a t.v. it turns out getting the T.V. means you have to go to Best Buy with a gift card they provide for you. When looking to pick up the t.v. they are all out of them in every store in the Jacksonville area. I could drive a few hours to another town to pick it up or I can wait...and wait...and wait... The excuse is "well this promotion was big hit and then black Friday came along and then cyber Monday came a long and now we don't have the T.V. in any warehouse...for a large company they sure don't plan very well. I was supposed to get a supervisor to call me back with other options...but after 4 days I still have heard I am paying for cable - but don't have the t.v. - not only that - don't know when it will arrive...I am supposed to keep calling them back every once in awhile to see if it has come in. I guess it would be too much for the to call me...
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File a complaint with the SC Attorney General's Office against RTG since they made the offer with the sale of the furniture. You were offered the gift card in order to buy the TV.

If the gift card does not allow you to buy that TV then you have not been made whole by the purchase. Thus the onus falls on RTG, not Best Buy.

The gift card was only the means to obtain the TV. Otherwise RTG would have told you that only the gift card was being offered.

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